DK Gear from patch 3.3, Frost Emblems

Critical note: Justice points will make this table totally different, and you’ve got till early Oct (my total guess) to buy them using Emblems. Don’t asssume that the point change will make ilevel 264 gear cheaper! (source)

Reposted from my post at, here is a list of DK gear by Emblem type:

Building upon the regular gear guides, and the forum post for BiS for 3.2 by Futhark; here is a set of gear lists for items added in patch 3.3.

Updated list of the gear available from emblems, adding Frost emblem items for both PvE DPS and Tanking.

Slot Item EoH EoV EoC EoT EoF
Head Scourgelord Helmet dps         95
  Scourgelord Faceguard tank         95
  Helm of Thunderous Rampage       75  
  Thassarian’s Helmet of Conquest       50
  Conqueror’s Darkruned Helmet     58  
Shoulders Scourgelord Shoulderplates dps         60
  Scourgelord Pauldrons tank         60
  Pauldrons of Trembling Rage       45
  Thassarian’s Shoulderplates of Conquest       30
  Valorous Scourgeborne Shoulderplates   60    
Chest Castle Breaker’s Battleplate dps 264         95
  Cataclysmic Chestguard tank 264         95
  Scourgelord Battleplate dps 251         95
  Scourgelord Chestguard tank 251         95
  Thassarian’s Battleplate of Conquest       50
  Conqueror’s Darkruned Battleplate     58  
Legs Scourgelord Legplates         95
  Scourgelord Legguards         95
  Thassarian’s Legplates of Conquest       50
  Legplates of the Violet Champion     39  
  Valorous Scourgeborne Legplates   75    
Waist Malevolent Girdle dps         60
  Verdigris Chain Belt tank         60
  Belt of the Singing Blade     28  
Hands Scourgelord Gauntlets dps 251         60
  Scourgelord Handguards tank 251         60
  Gatecrasher’s Gauntlets dps 264         60
  Gauntlets of the Kraken tank 264         60
  Thassarian’s Gauntlets of Conquest       30
  Bladebreaker Gauntlets     28  
Feet Bladed Steelboots   40    
Wrists Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress   60    
Neck Spiked Battleguard Choker     19  
Back Might of the Ocean dps         50
  Sentinel’s Winter Cloak tank         50
  Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak   25    
Relic Sigil of the Hanged Man dps         30
  Sigil of the Bone Gryphon tank         30
  Sigil of Virulence       25  
  Sigil of Awareness   25    
Trinket Herkuml War Token dps         60
  Corroded Skeleton Key tank         60
  Mark of Supremacy       50
  Shard of the Crystal Heart       50
  Mirror of Truth 40      
Ring Bloodshed Band       35
  Ring of Invincibility   25    

Note: The searches are very easy to custom create using WoWHead’s item filtering. By way of example, this is is all items usable by a DK which are purchasable with Emblems of Frost.


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  2. Just got my final item, the Sigil of the Hanged Man, but sheesh its not exactly world changing. On movement fights the Virulence is actually easier to keep active.

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