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Gnomeaggedon has a darn good post about how the Hardcore folks do not own the LFG randoms, and Gearscore checks and general 5k dps requirements are a total joke in random heroic runs. He’s dead right. The rude pricks should f*@k off.

I wrote a comment over there that was long enough to be a blog post, so I’m repeating it here too after the break.

Update:  Its going to get far far worse before it gets any better. This will be to boiling point, rants, spitting, and insults before we see any drop off of asshats. Why? The asshats either like to piss people off, or don’t realise they are a waste of oxygen (aka an Oxygen Thief).

Its still an “Us” vs “Them” thing, and while LFG randoms have made PuGs a bit better, its still a total mess of players with totally different goals and expectations.

Hardcores in 245+ want every run to take less than 15 minutes, and can’t tollerate anything less than perfect. They make the upper end of raiding seem undesirable, as without perfection you are nothing.

Casuals want a good run, are tolerant of the odd mistake, but need everyone to pay attention and not slack off. They will wipe, won’t have it perfect, and may like to talk.

Asshats want to be on follow to the healer, and are probably in GChat or watching TV while playing. They’re often also rude or poorly informed. A lot of people who say they are casual or hardcore are actually asshats in disguise, but they don’t actually know it. The level of gear or performance you make is moot once you establish yourself as an asshat.

Of the three I would prefer to play with the Casuals.

Sure a Hardcore group is great, but they might kick you and will certainly be arrogant and rude about gear/dps/threat/heals/etc.

I feel your pain too Gnome, and wish I could play more than a few hours a week, despite all the brain-dead players and alts who are around at the moment.

If its any help I think that the player base will die off soon, as the Pro-players will have finished with the Heroics, and the asshats will get tired and realise they’ll never see more than the first boss in ICC. They’ll stop playing.

That will leave the same people who were in LFG before this whole mess was added; the struggling mix of folks who just want to get the dungeon completed. I look forward to it.

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  1. “Hardcores in 245+ want every run to take less than 15 minutes, and can’t tollerate anything less than perfect. They make the upper end of raiding seem undesirable, as without perfection you are nothing.”

    Hey I’m in ilevel 245+ gear. That doesn’t mean I’m an elitist arrogant snob who will think anyone in lower levels of gear is lame or will mind if a run takes a while because players are new/not as well geared etc.

    Don’t dump everyone into the same boat thanks. I’m calling you out on this one.

    I suggest reading the excellent article that Euripedes from Critical QQ wrote: http://criticalqq.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/intolerant-of-incompetence/

  2. Heya Jezrael – I know there are a stack of folks who are in nice gear who are fine. The thing is those folks don’t seem to be the ones in my battlegroup, and I can say for sure that a high proportion of the people I’ve pug’ed VoA and ToC with were friggin rude.

    Once somebody calls you out for not having the Glory of the Raider mount, and anything less is a scrub/poverty mount; you get narky.

    So yes you’re right. Players do exist that are well geared, nice people, and doing pugs. Those players are not nearly as common as the combined total of asshats and rude folks.

  3. Since my return I’ve only had the misfortune to group with 1 elitist jerk.
    However, I have had the misfortune of gearing with many players of subpar ability, barely able to more dps than autoattack in their badge 232s.

  4. More Random-H runs yesterday as a Tank, and generally it was ok, except for some very badly geared dps and one really rude dps shaman who kept pulling mobs.


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  6. LOL @ shaman puller – we had a hunter pull a mob in FoS as the pally tank was munching away… needless to say, tank asked him to refrain, he told the tank to go shove it up his phincter, that the run was going too slowly and he was just trying to move things along. Needless to say, a vote kick was instigated and he was toast.

    I don’t mean to pull threat from you Mort, I really don’t… It’s just my kitty swipe is too much fun not to use… *abashed face*

  7. Oh, and also…. my omen isn’t working properly… it only seems to wake up once I’ve already pulled aggro then I get red screen frenzy! 😛

  8. Saw a Druid-tree pull every pack through H Nexus today. Pissed the tank off every time, and it was a shame that the guy was a healer and not a dps we could switch out easily.

    A total dickhead imho.

  9. Ola, what’s up amigos? 🙂
    Hope to get some help from you if I will have any quesitons.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! 😉

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