Quick noob move

Totally embarrassed to have done this – last night in Halls of Reflection Heroic,  we’ve cleared the initial room and are now running past Arthas and about to kick-off his walking scene. Like normal we stack up on the tank, just on the left of the main path, so Arthas can walk past and we can do the trash waves in relative peace.

My noob move was to back up….right off the edge of the cliff. Damn it! Shamefully its not an auto-Death, you land on a small shelf, and I get to suicide off the ledge.

Players were ok with it, I ran back, and joined the battle again. Thank god you can run back in and re-join the fight. /facepalm.

Its been a long time since I noob’ed it up that badly; otherwise the “walk backward into mobs” was my classic oh-shit move.


4 thoughts on “Quick noob move

  1. HAHAHAHA! Would have loved to witness that! On a more serious note, you do realise that your mentioned strat is the ‘cheat/noob/undergeared’ one?! Perhaps this is apt given Mort’s noobinator move….


  2. @Gen – If Blizzard wants the “fight-behind-Arthas” strat to not work, then they just expand the Aura that Arthas has to be wider but the same depth; and we can’t do it (a wide oval rather than a circle aura). Lore explanation could be that he’s really targeting Jania Proudmore, and once she’s dead he’ll come back and clean up us riff-raff.

    The ICC 5 mans have some odd strats that make no sense if you were really fighting, yet somehow its ok for the game:

    eg. In HoR you hide behind a corner to get the mobs to path to you.
    eg. in PoS (and everywhere else actually) the mobs will let you kill their friends within easy eyeshot, and just stand there.

    Till they nurf it officially, I say keep doing it.

    @ Gravity – Noob-a-lichious-DK is me.

  3. BAH – easy mode!

    I like the challenge of seeing LK bearing down on us as we run away – gets the blood pumping! Looking @ his ass is far less entertaining!

    I also find it greatly entertaining when a character who hasn’t run it before yells ‘ RUNNNNN’ or ‘GOGOGOGOGOGO’ then get the completion achievement at the end – cracks me up! Granted, it was rather how I felt the first time through the gauntlet, but it’s always good to imagine the person’s face behind the screen as they officially shit their pants! Also love being able to give the LK a few well-aimed scratches to the groin prior to the event beginning with no visible reaction.

    As for HoR… I am sure there has to be a better way to do it than hiding behind a wall – I always pull aggro even in stealth… Understand the mob clumping reasoning, just think fighting in the open would be much more fun (though MUCH more expensive in wipe costs)…

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