Three years of blog banners

If Warcraft has one thing apart from highly addictive games, it also has some fantastic artwork. And over the years I’ve cropped and copied a few to use as the header for this blog, or snapped screenshots in-game. Below is the 12 or so header art that I’ve used on the blog over the past 3 years of blogging.

Update: A few more, now over 4 years.


One thought on “Three years of blog banners

  1. Since I left my gaming PC and the attached peripheries back in my home country I haven’t played in ages (almost one at least..).
    I agree, the artwork in WoW is amazing and another big point in why I shouldn’t start playing 😉

    3 Years! Congrats! Do you have some stats on the blog traffic you’d like to share? As blogger that’s always something I’d like to know, keep up the good work!

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