… the Impatient

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Squidly the Impatient - by Gnomer

I’m a patient kind of guy…

No really I am!

  • I’m the kind of guy that’s happy to stop at the amber traffic light rather than racing it.
  • I’m the kind of guy that is happy to give up the last car parking space on Xmas eve to go looking for another one for an hour or two.
  • I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t knock grannies out of the way in a supermarket when a new checkout opens… I might as well stay where I am, I will get out eventually.
  • I’m the kind of guy that get freaking pissed off when 8 random instances NEARLY start… but one person doesn’t click ready.

Why are you not ready?

You are a tank, you know you will get an invite as soon as you join… why join if you aren’t ready?
Was it you that joined 3 times, or was it you and two of your spanky tanky mates?

Why are you not ready?

DPS being not ready at 1st glance is pure stupidity… they waited 20 minutes THEN decided they weren’t ready?

On closer inspection it’s understandable… you fell asleep at the keyboard waiting, or couldn’t cross your legs any longer, or your Mum called you to bed… or, well there are a million reasons why.

The Inpatient

Gnomeaggedon the Impatient - by gnomer
Squidly is already going 1/2 insane with the new LFG insto-PuG interface. I am hanging somewhere between relieving myself in empty Carlton Draught stubbies and slamming the ESC button and quitting out of WoW.

It is quickly sending my insane.

I used to be able to handle waiting in LFG for an hour or two for a raid or an instance, because I knew I could do something completely different while I waited… battlegrounds!

I know the very mention of battlegrounds sends some people into an anaphylactic shock, but for me, it is the perfect tension and boredom relief.

  • PuGs getting you down… go kill some Horde.
  • Quests becoming way too monotonous… go kill some Horde.
  • No one studying your T7.5 armor on the Dalaran bank steps anymore? … go kill some Horde.
  • Haven’t got the requisite 10,000 gearscore or the Hard mode achievements on day 2 of the patch release… go kill some Horde.

Now Squidly has it hard… there is no time to ponder the unfairness of it all (generally), click join queue and the invite is starring him in the nose.

Gnomeaggedon is a different story.

No matter how often he tries to check the ITANKIT! or IMHEALZ! options, he is always just lowly DPS, waiting at the back of the queue.. wondering if he is even in the right queue, but too scared to leave it because he will lose his place.

So boredom… can’t do BGs while I wait.. can’t even fish in the big raid pond, just have to wait until a tank and a healer both join the queue so 3 more DPS will leave.

Maybe Blizzard don’t realize this, but you should never let a Mage get bored… definitely don’t let a Fire Mage get bored.  Even twiddling our fingers has drastic results.. cause you know we twiddle our fingers right before the Fireballs explode from our finger tips.

Gnomer does Origami

Gnomeaggedon once took up Origami, but the very act of folding the pieces of paper represented an Arcane Blast…

Paper meet Arcane Blast…
Arcane Blast meet dust….

I don’t even have that spell on my tool bar!

yeah so anyway… I think I am just bored…

I have spent 5 days waiting for Internet to be connected at my new home… 5 days of being forced to watch free to air TV.  I probably should have gone to the Melbourne Town hall and showed off my latest Blundstones (http://www.blundstone.com/)...

I log on and join a queue and I have to wait!  I’m a healer and you are forcing me to wait?!? Then I have to watch as I rejoin the queue time and again when people don’t join… so in the end… I didn’t join.

I’m a Healer, I don’t do Gearscore or Achievements!

I grabbed a VoA10 pug that was being  organized… Then they asked me to link achievements.. boring… I just ignored them… did they want a healer or not?

If they were that fussed about it, they could have used their own Internet to find out.

While they were waiting for my response an old mate whispered asking if there was room… there wasn’t, but I dare say there would have been no place for a guy that probably has a gearscore bigger than the rest of the raid put together.

I ignored them long enough to get going and the only people that died were the stupid people.

Hell, I play a Fire Mage as a main… I know Fire hurts, so why on earth would you stand in it?

Then Wintergrasp popped and we got kicked out…

Then we lost Wintergrasp… that bores me to tears!

How could we lose Wintergrasp?  There aren’t enough Horde players on Aman’Thul to field a full raid group!

Then WoW crashed while I was repairing.. they asked me what I was doing.. “Buying Crack from the Dalaran Commerce Exhange”… I must be bored…

The true sign of impatience

But apart from all of that, Christmas is too bloody far away…. I mean, as I write this it is 11.40pm on December 23rd… that’s like ONE WHOLE DAY I still have to wait!

It’s a little bit more, a few hours more, because really I just want to experience Christmas through my 3 year old son.

Some people want to relieve their sporting prowess through their children… I just want to regain the joy of Christmas… I intend to stay up all night trying to get a glimpse of Santa.

If I find out he dropped by Typhoon Andrew’s place before he came to me, I will march that 5 kilometres down the road and…..

Wish him and his family a very Merry Christmas…

I guess while I am at it, I can wish you all the same!

I must be bored…. so bored I am going to log back into WoW as soon as I send this off…

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and Stout!

TyphoonAndrew here – just wanted to say thanks and wow to the BA guys and Gnomer. These blog posts just write themselves! kek.

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