How to tell characters apart?

What differentiates characters from each other? When is a game finished?

Almost my entire wow career I would have said Gear. But it could also be seen to me the pets, achievements, and such. Hmm. Maybe my dislike of these side distractions is all wrong?

Then I hear about the guy who has all but completed wow, and pretty much sacrificed his non-gaming life to do this. I’m not in any danger of doing that, but I have to question the religious and destructive devotion it takes to get to that degree of game play.

Popular comments were bound to target the “no-life” stream of comments, and at a base level I agree. But I also think that this demonstrates the tiny percentage of what is possible in the game, and why Warcraft still has something to offer people (even if the do need to be a bit OCD).

Off I go to see which of my Reps need the most attention.


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