Can we try for 3 hours of raiding?

In a blinding flash of the obvious, apparenty most folks raid from 8 to 11 pm each day. I blog this for the reason that in Australia with such a wide range of players in our guild we don’t get rolling till 8:30 to 9pm AEDT, and often have to end the raid when we start to get tired around 11pm (I know! 11pm – what a bunch of soft-touches). If you’re raiding a solid 8-11 without delay then you’re a lucky sod and I don’t like you at the moment.

What I’d like is raid members join at 7:30 to 7:45, 15 minutes as a grace period (slackers!), first pull at 8pm, and last wipe ending at 11pm. It gives 3 solid hours of raiding wipes fun. But most folks can’t do that, so what do we do?

  • Recruit folks who raid in same core hours, and by extension start to de-proiritise the folks outside these hours. Who likes to be “de-prioritised”? Hmm.
  • Accept and be strict on folks who can only come before or after certain hours, thereby trying to force players to attend.
  • Run a flexible raid where we swap toon in and out? Frustrating, possibly more fair, and certainly a pain in teh arse.

Again I blog with no answers, just questions; but readers will hopefully feel that at least they are not the only ones who deal with late raiders, bad starts, or all the other joys of organising 25 people to get to a location together. Thank Ragnaros’s burning belly button that its not 40 people like the old days.

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6 thoughts on “Can we try for 3 hours of raiding?

  1. This is something I have been struggling with myself.

    My raid team only has 2 nights and 5 hours to raid each week. The lockout feature is going to be great for us. But the base problem is that it takes nearly half hour for everyone to be assembled and ready to go!

    It irritates the hell out of me. I mean, I get life issues, everyone has them from time to time, but golly gee, if you are half hour late EVERY week… Well, lets just say that I am looking for people to replace you. I have even gone so far as to take players from other, sister guilds, before ours because of that reason. It sucks, its kinda mean, but my constant pleas to start on time have gone unheard. I, as raid lead, have to do SOMETHING for the rest of us 9 people who want to raid ON TIME!

  2. Establish clear guidelines, goals, and expectations. When raiders can’t meet them – you replace them with those who can.

    Do you want to raid with friends who may be late or not your ‘ideal’ raider – or do you want to push the content? Only you can decide where your line is.

  3. I think the general problem for most guilds is that while they would love to get tough with people, when you barely scrape a raid together as it is annoying people only makes it less likely that the raid will start on time as you end up having to pug people.
    My experience is that it is no easier putting together a 10 man raid than it was to put together a 40 man raid.
    What we do have is waaaay more guilds.

    I don’t think there is any real solution to this than to bump raid times from an 8pm start to a 7:30 pm start (done in the knowledge that you will actually start half an hour late; at 8!).

    Unless things have changed recently recruiting is an issue, particularly if you are a raid instance or two behind the curve… So replacing people is not usually an option.

  4. My overall goal is to recruit more. We have 3 new players in the past week and hopefully they work out well and we all sync. Even if one of the three is happy and stays on, then its worth the energy. So far they seem darn good.

    @ Firespirit – if you’re only waiting 30 minutes to kick ff then I’d say you’re frustrated by doing well. Some night we wait for players to “just finish up”.

    Also thought about finding a sister guild to share players between, and this could work if they have totally different raid nights to us. That way both groups might be able to have solid attendance.

    @ Adgamorix – getting stricter on our rules didn’t help last time, it just made people feel more obligated that they were happy with (which is a player need vs guild need issue). We probably went a little too far.

    @ Rakarth, you’re right in that nothing significant has changed. Still the same delays and player issues that every guild has had.

    We’re also talking about this in the forums, which will raise awareness in the group rather than change anything immediately.

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