Team Robot WoW Sim is interesting

A useful dps tool, for those who hate to theorycraft with a calculator

A useful dps tool, for those who hate to theorycraft with a calculator

Quick post to say go check out the web based dps app called Team Robot WoW Simulator. Easy to use, and quick to config, and if you dig through the rotation and buff settings it might show you how it considers an optimised setup to be configured.

Its neat.

What I found particularly useful is the part in the rotation setup where you can alter the latency on your connection. The default is 150ms, which is ungodly fast to an Australian. I run around 450-600 most times, and can have upward of 800 sometimes.

I used this to test the affect of a highly latent connection on what the maximum dps scores are. As you’d expect the more latency the lower your dps, but what I found really odd was that once I was over 500-600ms latency, the dps really starts to drop a little more.

So figure that the latency is increasing the delay beween actions, and this in turn makes the response on abilities worse. What I didn’t expect was that after about 700ms it seemed that Unholy presence would actually be slightly better than Blood presence for dps. What the hell?

I don’t quite get if this is a quirk in the tool, a real game affect, or just some strange attribute that pops up. You’d think this would have to do with the affect on the global cool down, but not sure that it would work. Anyone heard of this before?


3 thoughts on “Team Robot WoW Sim is interesting

  1. Nah Gen it makes sense – they’ve covered 80% of all the facerollers by hitting DKs. Watch for Hunters and Warlocks next. *cough*

    (ps to the interweb folks – please note that I play a DK before spamming my inbox with hate. I have plenty of hate already from the last time I talked about mages)

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