Random odd stuff

A while back I’ve had a good few days doing Heroics. Was fun, and I saw some strange stuff in CoS heroic.

a) A great pick-up line if I’ve ever seen one: “My bed is looking pretty good right now.” That NPC is one very cool guy, who whilst under the pressure of a sociopath prince coming to kill him, still finds the time to impress the ladies. Well I’m impressed too.


b) Back before 3.2 you would not see this. Cat dps seems to have taken a big hit. Gen normally pushes far harder. Bring on some fixes for cats in patch 3.3.

Can I haz dps back

2 thoughts on “Random odd stuff

  1. *is ashamed*

    I know. It sucks – hard. So frustrating that many people don’t seem to believe cat dps has been nerfed ‘that’ much. Though I must say I have seen some improvement with a minor re-jig of my talent tree. The fact that they have made serious changes to stats for cats, I need to hold onto existing pre-patch gear for set bonuses until I can get my paws on the triumph gear set, and that new gear outside of H TOC is a cross-grade if not a downgrade stats wise are all frustrating issues.

    Regardless, without using a flask in 5-mans as I now am, I think my dps would be underneath the healer’s!!

    Add latency issues and you have one sad kitty. Oh Blizzard you are sooooo cruel!

  2. Kitty dps is ok in theory (so I’m told), but I think its been altered so much that its still one of the hardest cycles, but also intollerant of lag and interuptions. Hoepfully your connection will help fix that, and they’ll make some aspects better soon.

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