S&M in SM calls to you (send me screenshots)

What started as Gnomer’s quest for ink, will be rail-roaded by me into a slightly bent set of screenshots; and I welcome and and all screenshots.

S&M in SM, with staples and maces. I’m smiling menacingly just thinking about it. C’mon its a seriously marvelous idea.

The Task: Send me (via email) a screenshot of S&M activity in SM.
The Deadline: lets say a few weeks, because I’m not in a mad crazy rush.
The Prize: Nothing yet, but if I can get something worth while it might happen. No promises.

Heh, in a place that drops Brass Knuckles, it has to be odd.
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How to have a casual Alt character?

Been struggling with which toon to play other than my Death Knight, and circling around the problem of so little reward for so little time spent. Adding an alt as a casual toon will mean even less time playing the already casual Death Knight; which will slow the even further his advancement. But I really feel the need for an alternate to always doing melee tank or dps all the time. Just a quick break on another toon now and then is what I’m after.

So what are good strategies for gearing a casual alt? Continue reading

Can we try for 3 hours of raiding?

In a blinding flash of the obvious, apparenty most folks raid from 8 to 11 pm each day. I blog this for the reason that in Australia with such a wide range of players in our guild we don’t get rolling till 8:30 to 9pm AEDT, and often have to end the raid when we start to get tired around 11pm (I know! 11pm – what a bunch of soft-touches). If you’re raiding a solid 8-11 without delay then you’re a lucky sod and I don’t like you at the moment.

What I’d like is raid members join at 7:30 to 7:45, 15 minutes as a grace period (slackers!), first pull at 8pm, and last wipe ending at 11pm. It gives 3 solid hours of raiding wipes fun. But most folks can’t do that, so what do we do?

  • Recruit folks who raid in same core hours, and by extension start to de-proiritise the folks outside these hours. Who likes to be “de-prioritised”? Hmm.
  • Accept and be strict on folks who can only come before or after certain hours, thereby trying to force players to attend.
  • Run a flexible raid where we swap toon in and out? Frustrating, possibly more fair, and certainly a pain in teh arse.

Again I blog with no answers, just questions; but readers will hopefully feel that at least they are not the only ones who deal with late raiders, bad starts, or all the other joys of organising 25 people to get to a location together. Thank Ragnaros’s burning belly button that its not 40 people like the old days.

Linkage via WoW.com http://www.wow.com/2009/10/22/world-of-warcraft-in-the-nets-traffic-patterns/, yup, those guys never stop.

Team Robot WoW Sim is interesting

A useful dps tool, for those who hate to theorycraft with a calculator

A useful dps tool, for those who hate to theorycraft with a calculator

Quick post to say go check out the web based dps app called Team Robot WoW Simulator. Easy to use, and quick to config, and if you dig through the rotation and buff settings it might show you how it considers an optimised setup to be configured.

Its neat.

What I found particularly useful is the part in the rotation setup where you can alter the latency on your connection. The default is 150ms, which is ungodly fast to an Australian. I run around 450-600 most times, and can have upward of 800 sometimes.

I used this to test the affect of a highly latent connection on what the maximum dps scores are. As you’d expect the more latency the lower your dps, but what I found really odd was that once I was over 500-600ms latency, the dps really starts to drop a little more.

So figure that the latency is increasing the delay beween actions, and this in turn makes the response on abilities worse. What I didn’t expect was that after about 700ms it seemed that Unholy presence would actually be slightly better than Blood presence for dps. What the hell?

I don’t quite get if this is a quirk in the tool, a real game affect, or just some strange attribute that pops up. You’d think this would have to do with the affect on the global cool down, but not sure that it would work. Anyone heard of this before?

Badge trade-in value vs Content

So a Conquest badge can be downgraded to others, but that means they have a 1 to 1 value on the lower ilevel gear, so why would you? Getting a small upgrade from a 213 item that costs tokens that can buy 226 is rough. And sooner or later the patch 3.3 will be released and we’ll see Triumph badges instead of Conquest from heroic runs. The heroic badge gear is basically dead now, and it will become even more dead soon. That lower gear might actually still be usable though, which means you’re spending expensive badges to get lower gear.

For the casuals (like myself) this means that the time I spent grinding out Conquest badges is somewhat wasted when the Triumph badges replace them. I know this is a leg up for raiding, and it also facilitates content for more people – but I think its flawed at the moment.

It does not make total sense to me, as the effort involved in getting to a nice set of 226 gear in many gear locations is not a small task. You really have to work at it and run heroics a lot. Then when the switch to 3.3 happens the casuals go back to running the same content for slightly better gear. Opportune moments will see them in the new content now and then, but nothing changes really. Perhaps they might be well geared enough to then try ToC’s last few bosses, and some of the end of Ulduar. So casuals don’t actually see much in the way of new content, instead they spend longer in the same old runs. Any way you look at it the fast track to upgrades will involve grinding heoric 5 mans, and that content is not even close to new.

There has to be a better way to get more folks into the later content. I know it is not fair to just boost these players up too quickly, as it slaps the more serious players in the face, and sends a bad message. I also know that Blizzard wants us to keep playing, and a prime driver for playing is seeing new places, bosses, content, etc. Its a Catch-22, and I have no 100% solution.

The degree to which this makes sense to you as a player probably relates to where you are in the content. Folks already clearing Uld 25 and ToC 25 probably don’t care what happens to the old heroic runs, except the daily. Folks who don’t care what they run, or are leveling new toons are not affected either. The middle ground is where this takes affect, and they are a very hard area to design a challenge for, especially when everyone else can also make use of any perks/nurfs placed on these mid range players. You can’t offer too much without upsetting everything.

An idea would be if badges are more valuable as they get rarer, then perhaps the items that are purchasable with heroism, should also have a purchase value in the other badges too. In this way a badge of Conquest would buy a few Heroism, getting the lower items faster – and that seems to be the goal here: to get folks with average or low gear to the point where they can compete in the new content. eg, 1 Conquest buys 5 Heroism, 1 Triumph buys 5 Conquest. and so on as they are upgraded (so 1 Tri = 25 Hero, but do you really care if somebody has 25 H-badges quickly when you compare iLevel 213 to 232-245). This way the really old gear gets used quickly, but only for a short period of time, and the grind is still the same for the really nice badge reward items. Sustain the grind at the top end of the badge reward system, but make the lower end faster to gear through.

Consider that we we’re getting badges from 5 mans anyway now, so spending the time to get an item which takes 10-12 runs to get, should not matter if that is any type of badge. Its still a major upgrade for 10-12 runs of a basic instance, and possibly a minor upgrade too, but not to gear that is going to break the system by being devalued, as it is already devalued by the better gear. 

I’m torn between the view that this is making the gear too accessible, and the opinion that this will help reset the playing field.

Random odd stuff

A while back I’ve had a good few days doing Heroics. Was fun, and I saw some strange stuff in CoS heroic.

a) A great pick-up line if I’ve ever seen one: “My bed is looking pretty good right now.” That NPC is one very cool guy, who whilst under the pressure of a sociopath prince coming to kill him, still finds the time to impress the ladies. Well I’m impressed too.


b) Back before 3.2 you would not see this. Cat dps seems to have taken a big hit. Gen normally pushes far harder. Bring on some fixes for cats in patch 3.3.

Can I haz dps back

Melbourne housing market

Recently arrived and learning whats changed since four years ago. Melbourne has progressed in many ways. New roads, strange places that used to be dead alleys now have great bars, and overall its easy to like this city.

However the property and rental markets are highly competitive, and I could not resist sharing this photo I grabbed while walking home a few days ago.

Modern open plan living with great views?

Modern open plan living with great views?