Expansion news is distracting

All the damn expasnion news is distracting, and especially irritating as I can’t play at the moment. I can say that “I told you so” about all these guild changes. I knew it was a tad obvious, and if wow is going to stay ahead of the new MMORPG curve, then need more stuff like this. Need more shiny stuff. And I suspect they’re slamming the news at the moment to take momentum away from Aion and Champions Online. Good luck Blizzard, I know at least 10 people who have left wow and are trying either game.

The player base in World of Warcraft is getting tired and wanting new games. Good on them. It makes total sense to me that people would want to not play the same game 2-3 nights a week for several years. Even if people end up playing the same amount of time, the change is healthy.

I’m not sure either of Champions or Aion has longevity to shutdown WoW for good though. Both games don’t have a lot of content as yet (from the blogs and reviews I’ve read – pure speculation). That means that folks might try, play, enjoy these new games, and return to WoW later. Its not like wearing epics will hurt the leveling process from 80-85.

That said – I saw the character creation screens of Aion on Tuesday and the options are off the scale. So are the pc system requiremements, so that game won’t see me any time soon, unless I find an awesome laptop in a trash compactor somewhere (I wonder how many you’d have to dig through?).