Some Sexy Upgrades (and a short break)

Well its been a screamingly busy work + WoW + life week just gone, and as it should be as I’ll be offline for at least a few weeks due to the move. I made my last week a mad-house of H zerg runs, and tried to always say yes to everything. It paid off.

A busy dayThis lead to yesterday’s solid session where I ran almost every H dungeon. This was great fun, but no way in hell I could run 11 instances every day. The idea of running more than 3 n a typical day is a bit of a push. I know that some folks say that the 226 gear is too easy to get, but really you need to be doing a crazy amount of instances every week to make fast progress.

I was in LFG for Obsidian Sanctum all week, and I think its being run less and less. ToC5 and VoA10/25 get a lot of attention, and the 5 mans; but for some reason EoE and OS seem rare. This is disappointing, as these runs are not hard, and the drops in 25 are still ok.

No way I was going to do Naxx again on my Death Knight, there might be a few upgrades there for 25m drops, but its just not worth the hassle of getting 24 other folks to do it. Naxxramas I bid you farewell.

The result of this was a new set of Tier Shoulders for DPS (the Death Knight t9 2 set is nice and I want it!), all the last 226 items I wanted from Conquest, and also enough badges to buy my last piece of Tanking gear at 226, but the rest of the Tank gear I have is so haphazard that I can’t really apply the 226 Helm until I get some better items to fix the Expertise and Hit levels.

mort-championMortigen has never looked better.