Leaving Adelaide

Adelaide-river-stolen-picIn a week or so I’ll be leaving my home of four years, to return to Melbourne. Its a strange time, and I find myself often contemplating the past four years. When we moved here from Melbourne I was very skeptical that any other city would be able to feel as much like a home as Melbourne did. I knew nothing really about Adelaide except it was a “city of churches”.

In retrospect this was fairly stupid, as it was the first time I’d relocated cities in my life and to expect a bad experience will only mean that you find the bad rather than the good. Instead I do feel like I live here, and am a little sad to go.

It has been wonderful.

  • the friends here are great, and I’ll miss them. A lot.
  • as a destination I would return for a holiday and to visit folks without much of a push at all.
  • some of the best wine I’ve had in my life. Seriously good white wine varieties, and some passionate growers who are really open to chatting. I’ll hate paying for a wine tasting, which is becoming the norm in Victoria.
  • working here taught me that you can have real personal experiences with folks, and they can become friends. I have total respect for the folks who I have worked with over the past few years.
  • as much as I hate to admit it, the people in Adelaide are damn friendly. It used to freak me out when strangers would say “hello” on the street. I initially thought they wanted money, or to sell me something. Most folks are just being nice.
  • Peak hour traffic lasts around an hour. That is just odd to me. We selected our new house based upon being able to walk to the city, due to the traffic, time, and costs.

Yup, a tad soppy, but it really was fun.

That said I don’t think they’ll let me cross the West Gate Bridge unless I make a few observations too – It has been a struggle at times:

  • shopping hours and operation hours that seem restrictive. You have to plan well ahead, but once you get that in your head its not hard.
  • have a plan when you head out, and make reservations. The groovy folks in Adelaide fill the good spots quickly, so if you’re after a good day/night, get organised.
  • some of the population seem resistant to change. I think new ideas struggle more in Adelaide than in Melbourne, but a good idea in Adelaide will get a lot of support. Probably more so than Melbourne for some ideas.
  • the public transport is horrible, so forget it and buy a car, or walk. We moved close enough to the city to walk for most socialising.
  • sometimes I see behaviour that makes me sick. Hindley St late at night is a bloody mess, and its a shame that the behaviour is so open. In a larger city that area would make up less of the overall face of the city, so would have less impact. I freely admit that there is probably the same percentage of dickheads in any city.
  • drivers doing 10 kph lower than the limit, across both lanes, probably while talking on the phone. This still makes me scream. Greenhill and Brighton Rd is like a brutal traffic experiment rather than a road.

But looking forward I’m really excited about our new life in Melbourne too; and I’m a look forward kind of guy (mostly).

5 thoughts on “Leaving Adelaide

  1. If we are to believe the media, the Melbourne is getting worse too.. particularly King St (which wasn’t that good to start off).

    Yeah, the -10kph thing crazy about Adelaide.

    Where about in Melbourne are you going to settle?

  2. We’re heading into Fitzroy, and being a northern suburbs fan I really like it. I’ve lived in that area before, and its really to my taste, and hopefully my partners too.

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