Confessions of a WoW’er

  1. I’m a drooling maniac when it comes to WoW, particularly doing dps. I like it. Love it. Wants it. Tanking is awesome too, but not dps by half.
  2. No way in hell I’ll play WoW (or any game) when I’ve a perfect partner at home wanting to head out and do stuff. While she’s studying or working though…
  3. I don’t believe anyone is really in the game for anyone except themselves, or very close friends. ie. If a guild talks about being a Family, they better be folks that you have met and know in real life, or been playing with for a very long time. Otherwise your family vibe is a bit of a stretch.
  4. I’m a loot whore. So is everyone else.
  5. I will never have enough gold, even if I had max gold I’d spend it on something.
  6. Healers are almost always praiseworthy, as they’re doing something I don’t like doing.
  7. Gear will always date, and mean nothing 1 year later. Its like that link from Terminator “in 100 years who is going to care?”.
  8. You think your Alt is way cooler than I do.
  9. I honestly don’t care much for WoW RP. I respect it, but can’t get it to click in my head.
  10. PvP still feels like a disorganised mess to me, and making PvE content do PvP is a reason to stop. Not a big reason, but its plain silly.
  11. I think your vanity pet is vain.

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a WoW’er

  1. Ever been on the vent server listening to a new guildie explain how awesome his characters are? I just tuned out and realised he asked me how many 80s I had a few minutes ago, but all I noticed was the drone of squeaky noise had stopped.

    I like alts, its just that night…urrgh.

  2. If you weren’t so serious I’d laugh…

    Hell, I will laugh anyway… but yeah… you cared about Gnomeaggedon.. you telling me you don’t care about Squidly?

  3. You’ve got to apply the “not an asshat” filter to the comments. Anyone who I like is totally beyond these otherwise hurtful statements – and Gnomer; you are totally beyond reproach in my opinion. I like Squidilidility-do the alt on principal that he’s yours.

  4. My vanity PETS – are NOT vain!!!!!!! They’re purty and do cool stuff – and stuff!!!

    Yes I am a pet whore – and proud of it!

    I think blizz should let some of them do cool stuff in raids – like Eggbert, he pretend pulls all the time – vanity pet who misdirects and pulls aggro?? BOOYA!

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