Confessions of a WoW’er

  1. I’m a drooling maniac when it comes to WoW, particularly doing dps. I like it. Love it. Wants it. Tanking is awesome too, but not dps by half.
  2. No way in hell I’ll play WoW (or any game) when I’ve a perfect partner at home wanting to head out and do stuff. While she’s studying or working though…
  3. I don’t believe anyone is really in the game for anyone except themselves, or very close friends. ie. If a guild talks about being a Family, they better be folks that you have met and know in real life, or been playing with for a very long time. Otherwise your family vibe is a bit of a stretch.
  4. I’m a loot whore. So is everyone else.
  5. I will never have enough gold, even if I had max gold I’d spend it on something.
  6. Healers are almost always praiseworthy, as they’re doing something I don’t like doing.
  7. Gear will always date, and mean nothing 1 year later. Its like that link from Terminator “in 100 years who is going to care?”.
  8. You think your Alt is way cooler than I do.
  9. I honestly don’t care much for WoW RP. I respect it, but can’t get it to click in my head.
  10. PvP still feels like a disorganised mess to me, and making PvE content do PvP is a reason to stop. Not a big reason, but its plain silly.
  11. I think your vanity pet is vain.