Cataclysm Announced


We new it was coming, and even though I kind of figured that it would bring lots of new stuff, I’m stoked. Bring on the real hi-res cinematic, confirmation of details, and all some such news.

This news will also bring a death knell for the guilds that have players thinking about stopping though. I can see many players not liking the fact Deathwing is the major bad guy, because we’ve seen him before and many of the players who played BWL were also doing Naxx, and might have been pissed off that Naxx was re-made for WotLK. I can see a few going on hiatus too until the expansion is released, with a “why bother” attitude. Several months from now will be a perfect time to release a new MMORPG game.

I’m excited and willing to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt. I want to see and fight in Icecrown, kill Arthas, and can see Cat being something positive for the World of Warcraft.

  • Damn me, a Worgen Death Knight will look totally awesome too.
  • Level 85 seems an odd choice, but *meh* I’m sure it can work. It is just a number after all. Will this mean a change to the regular gear trashing that occurs? Given we’re seeing 80 gear that ranges from iLevel 187 to 245, a level 85 Epic must be over iLevel 300.
  • A new Secondary profession is a good idea, no idea what in hell it will do. Lore related?
  • Go download the 100mb trailer, its worth it.

4 thoughts on “Cataclysm Announced

  1. When did we see Deathwing before?
    Are you thinking of Nefarian from BWL?
    From the lore he was an offspring of Deathwing as was Onyxia.
    Grim Batol (is that the place with the dragonkin in the Wetlands?) is where he was last rumored to be in the lore I think.

  2. I meant (and rather badly said) that hopefully they just don’t re-jig the BWL instance and create something totally new. If they add something into Blackrock Mountain thats OK, just I think if they re-jigged BWL and added Deathwing then players would go ape.

  3. Worgen Death Knights actually have me interested in rolling a death knight alt and learning how to play the class! DKs on my realm get the ‘huntard’ treatment however so I’ll need to be half decent if I want to get anywhere.

    Overall the expansion looks very exciting but alas loooong overdue, with Icecrown predicted in december if they dont make it a summer release I can see alot of players leaving the game. I will watch with interest

  4. December for Arthas is still a fair wait, and I’ve already seen players looking at other games like Aion. I hope that a lot of the alt-DKs die off and the folks who play them as a main class can level in relative peace, at least for a while.

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