Unhinged dies, LF Guild

I found out a night or so ago that my current Guild has died. A lack of progression, and I suspect some frustration with numbers (which in turn creates a lack of progression) in attendance. Trying to raid 3-4 times a week in a small guild which was tolerant of casual behaviour was an odd concept.

Not the best message of the day.

Not the best message of the day.

Makes me ponder my options, look to what other folks are doing, and even realise that my work / life / wow balance may be still out of whack even after slowing right back to two nights a week. Work demands at the moment are certainly making thinking about much else bloody hard.

Well bugger it. I’m off to make coffee.


10 thoughts on “Unhinged dies, LF Guild

  1. Even though I’m unable to play currently I only actually miss chatting with you and Av.
    May be that WoW has run its course for me.

  2. Ugh, sorry about that. I was branded with “guild killer” too in the past and it stung even though it wasn’t *just* my mouth that hurt us.

  3. I don’t really think I killed it, but I do think that choice of guild is something that I am going to consider for a long time. And I’ve written about it before, and keep coming back to the experiences that were most fun.

    I’ll do that again – find a group that is fun and doing interesting things. If I can’t be aiming for that experience again, then I’m wasting my time.

  4. @Rakarth – I think we’ll be online again ins some game, style, or some such again. No way that WoW will be the last game I play, and if I find a good one you know I’ll tell you.

    And if Champions is awesome I want to know!

  5. @Jon – nice little site for raids, I have not seen that before. Changing servers is a huge deal, as while I only really play my DK, he’s supported by a host of other characters who would all need to be transferred. That’d be a few hundred aussie dollars to complete.

    I’ll look though – that guild site you have is totally off the scale cool.

  6. The GM of Unhinged did what was promised, and totally beyond the call of what I expected – he gave spoils to the members.

    110% respect Avatar.

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