Cataclysm Announced


We new it was coming, and even though I kind of figured that it would bring lots of new stuff, I’m stoked. Bring on the real hi-res cinematic, confirmation of details, and all some such news.

This news will also bring a death knell for the guilds that have players thinking about stopping though. I can see many players not liking the fact Deathwing is the major bad guy, because we’ve seen him before and many of the players who played BWL were also doing Naxx, and might have been pissed off that Naxx was re-made for WotLK. I can see a few going on hiatus too until the expansion is released, with a “why bother” attitude. Several months from now will be a perfect time to release a new MMORPG game.

I’m excited and willing to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt. I want to see and fight in Icecrown, kill Arthas, and can see Cat being something positive for the World of Warcraft.

  • Damn me, a Worgen Death Knight will look totally awesome too.
  • Level 85 seems an odd choice, but *meh* I’m sure it can work. It is just a number after all. Will this mean a change to the regular gear trashing that occurs? Given we’re seeing 80 gear that ranges from iLevel 187 to 245, a level 85 Epic must be over iLevel 300.
  • A new Secondary profession is a good idea, no idea what in hell it will do. Lore related?
  • Go download the 100mb trailer, its worth it.

Aussie WoWCast Bump

Here is a bump for an Australian Warcraft podcast – called Aussie WoWCast. They’ve just done a test cast as Episode 0 – at 7 minutes there is no reason not to listen.

Sound quality is cool, recording was fine, and plenty of content for a short Issue Zero. I hope we’ll see some interviews with Australian popular guilds, players, bloggers, etc. Given how much focus North America has in the WoW community, a bit of noise about this hemisphere is nice.

My only criticism would be to slow down while chatting; breathe, relax, and chill more. Always strange to have only one person speaking on a cast – which is why I think conversation is what really makes an effective podcast. The to-and-fro is excellent.

Goals and Preparation – sound advice that should resonate

One of the regular feeds I read is not on Warcraft, it’s about business – and today Peter Bregman on Harvard Business‘s Blog wrote a short great piece on Preparing for the next Downturn. It’s personable, reflective, succinct, and enjoyable.

OK, it is also miles off what I usually blog about, but if you’re connected to a business you might get something out of it. Continue reading

Unhinged dies, LF Guild

I found out a night or so ago that my current Guild has died. A lack of progression, and I suspect some frustration with numbers (which in turn creates a lack of progression) in attendance. Trying to raid 3-4 times a week in a small guild which was tolerant of casual behaviour was an odd concept.

Not the best message of the day.

Not the best message of the day.

Makes me ponder my options, look to what other folks are doing, and even realise that my work / life / wow balance may be still out of whack even after slowing right back to two nights a week. Work demands at the moment are certainly making thinking about much else bloody hard.

Well bugger it. I’m off to make coffee.