WoW Armory for the iPhone released

We can now grab an official Armory iPhone app ( article). Let me be one of the many that runs around in circles squeeling like a school girl about this, starting now – brb. *yay, squeel*

wow-iphone-istoreBy all accounts it looks nice. That reminds me…*yay, squeel*

I’ll write impressions after a few days of playing around; but for a starting question:

Q. Why can I login to this using my Username and Password, but not using an Authenticator?

A. No Fucking Idea – but that is not good at all! This could facilitate account hacking / hijacking.


6 thoughts on “WoW Armory for the iPhone released

  1. Got it…

    Can’t say I’m that excited… but then I always want more than is delivered…

    Still nice to have a working armory app

  2. I tried the Spy app, and also tried the version by SaladFork and a few other mini-apps. All basically the same.

    The killer feature of this is the Calendar view, so nice to update attendance without a full login.

  3. Its friggin good. Not as good as SaladFork’s creation, but it has a feature that kills all the other – the Calendar.

    Further if they added capacity for in-game mail to be read, that would just about be a must have app, and make the iPhone a must have tool for Warcraft.

    Odd prediction: that in-game mail and guild chat in a non-guild GUI, meaning when you’re not in game will be a game changing aspect of some MMO in the future.

    Found it odd that whenever I change the IP address that I connect from it asks me to re-authenticate. I think this is a good security measure, but irritating sometimes.

    So if you have an Iphone get this.

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