What is the value of normal players? (rant)

I’d love to put some “uber-hardcore-1337” gamers into an exam and give them an essay topic:

Players that are not hardcore still add value to Warcraft. Discuss.

Most would not even get into the room, and those that did might suffer under the tyranny of pen and paper. πŸ™‚ There is no way you’d give them a computer, as they’d just start logging in, or trolling the forums about it. But in all seriousness, the opinion and total subjectivity of what is normal performance, and who should get access to what content keeps coming up. The 3.2 token drop change only fueled the fire.

We’ve (the work wow’ers) chatted about this a while back at lunch, and they noted I’ve made some pretty extreme statements around performance expected from fellow guild-mates and other players, and I’ve sworn out loud many times when confronted by somebody that does not meet my standards. Shamefully. And then I probably don’t meet the standards of hardcore either. Probably the hardcore players would find my Priest a joke, and be hard on Mortigen’s progression. I’d be a token screen breather, and relegated to farming silver in the backwaters of Arathi Highlands.

From now onward (or until the next ass-hat drooler pug wipes us on simple trash in VH) I’ll try to ponder and absorb some thoughts on Normal players. And lets call them normal players, as calling them casual might be implying that they don’t really care or commit to gaming seriously.

So a few mantras and thought that I’ll keep foremost in my mind about normal players:

  • a normal player is an ok thing (repeat this while doing circular breathing)
  • they are more tolerant of the mistakes of others (in other words cool and relaxed)
  • they might make a few mistakes themselves (still learning or juggling RL too)
  • they are not elitist jerks, and might still have an interest in improving their game play
  • they are willing to sacrifice being on the cutting edge of content in favour of other life choices

Lastly why do I like them so much? Because I am one.

My real life takes precedence over WoW regularly. I kind of like the fact that I can geek it up and still have social skills, a full time job, and a solid relationship. But damn me, I really love WoW too. Death Knights are 100% solid fun (please don’t roll one, we’re full), and the small percentage of things that Warcraft does not do right is totally blown away by what it does right. Especially so for normal players.

So beyond proping up the financial side of WoW, and providing an ongoing whipping boy for hardcores, what do they provide to you?

8 thoughts on “What is the value of normal players? (rant)

  1. I used to be a not-exactly-hardcore-but-definately-not-casual-either raider. And you know what? It was kind of fun. Seeing Naxx in 40 man mode, SWP in 25 man mode … all this was fun to do. Then WotLK came along and I changed my priorities. I still play the game, but it’s more on my terms now than of any raiding schedule. I’m still in the same guild, and they’re still progressing nicely through the hard modes, but now I no longer raid and I can just log on when I want for however long I want, and enjoy whatever part of the content I want to that particular session.

    “Normal/Casual” players aren’t really different to “harcore” players in a lot of ways. They just have different aims within the games.

    Rather than differentiate between hardcore and casual, I find it’s better to group players into three types:


    Good/Good are just good players fullstop.
    Bad/Good are bad players for some reason but that make the effort to learn and to improve.
    Bad/Bad are players whom don’t have a clue what they’re doing and whom don’t make any effort to learn any better, just demanding things be given to them. “Boost me plz, 5g for mount” etc.

    Good/Good players are more common than I suspect most people think they are.

    Try to remember that next time you search for a pug and you should do ok. On the odd occassion I do pug, if I get turned away from pugs for not having the latest Ulduar gear (which happens), I just smile and move on to the next one. I know it’s their loss and if their attitude is gear > skill, then it’s more than likely my gain to be denied entry. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh ps> I tried a DK and just couldn’t get on with them. It’s only my own opinion of course, but I found them to be boring to play. Admittedly, I haven’t got past level 68 with her yet so perhaps it changes later on, but so far it’s proved to be yawnsville. πŸ˜›

  3. Cassini, if you’re not a dk fan, then I wont scream or rave – tis no crime..yet. Seriously playing what we love is the only rule. I love the pally too, and spend a long time tank’n aoe style. He might even be dusted off to get a run sometime too.

  4. Very nice post – I tend to troll your site every once in a while (not so much when Mort started getting most of the love) and I thought I would comment.

    I think that the 10/25 system allowed the casual players a chance to raid and get gear. Remember all those players that dinged 60 and raided every other night instead of the every nighters? Remember that guild that raided Kara and ZA but didn’t want to do 25’s so they just created alts and repeated the process?

    The 10/25 system was made for the casual players. Sure, the loot is better in the 25’s, but who really wants the hassle (besides the hardcores) of trying to deal with no-shows and people being late? How about people bitching about not getting to raid?

    The 10/25 system has enabled the casual raider to experience the end game content, without the hassle! Like I said, yes the loot is better, but as long as the gear is good enough for progression, who cares. I like having the flexibility with my life and WOW. Even some of the fights are more challenging on 10 than they are on 25. EOE is harder with 10. Sarth 3D is harder with 10. I have to say; I’m enjoying not having to micro-manage so many people anymore.

    So, here’s to 10 mans! To hell with 25’s. However, we do join up with another guild to help them with 25’s and get some better loot, but my officers and I don’t have to lead them, which cuts back even more time for me. Thank you 10 mans, thank you.

  5. Preach it brother!

    With a full time job and father of 3 all under 7yrs Sometimes my WoW day is logging on for 30-120 min doing dailies for rep. with occaisional bouts of AFK for “one more story” or “I want a cup of water”

    Would not trade it for the world.

    I still take pride in my toons, making sure to get enchants and gems, read blogs to keep up on the latest info regarding specs and such. On nights I do get time to go with my guild on a raid I make sure I have SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) backup for the kids πŸ˜‰

    Am a casual, oops sorry normal? Yep
    Will I ever see a Hard Mode? Probably not.
    Do I care? Not really.

    I am still having fun, I have 3 80’s and 4 more 70s to get to 80!

    Skarlarth and Co.

  6. I think the 10/25 system does make it better for us who can’t get into 25s for whatever reason, but its no fun that the 10s progression line is really assisted by some 25s gear. Hopefully it will be a tad adjusted with patch 3.2.

    Sorry that you’re not finding Mortigen as DK to be as much of a draw card as the pally and the warlock back in the day. I’ve got a Priest that gets used for 80s farming and a Druid on the way up. As time becomes short they become more appealing, as you can do something quick when you’re still adding levels or skills.

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