I wish for an Oceanic RP server

The days where I can watch a conversation between Ipwnutoo, Leetlock, and loldruid are nearly over. Well I’ll still be watching them, but is makes my skin scrawl that players think these names are ok. C’mon seriously wow players, there has to be a line where you’re leveling to 80 and your name is a joke, consider a change. (begin soapbox)

I was grouped with some randoms leveling on an alt, and a Death Knight had a god-awful name. Something like Uberlicher. This guy was after basic help, asking easy questions, and it almost caused me a fit not to ask if Uber included use of WoW Head. The name alone was enough to make me not take him seriously. And his name is not even close to as specifically dreadful as Dkleet, lolsdk, and the rest that I actually see on the server.

Its like seeing ImSexyGod1123 in a web forum, and you know the poster has little imagination, plenty of time, and probably not a lot of sex appeal. Yes/No?

But what kills me is these names are ok on my server. The problem is actually mine. There are places for folks like me, and I think its on an RP server, not a general PvE server. Although if you’re an Oceanic player you’re straight out of luck; there are no RP PvE realms. A hundred or so servers, about 17 pure RP servers, a few RPPVP servers, no RP downunder to speak of. So the choices are get over it and play with the lol-leet-pwn-uber-qq, or re-roll, or transfer. Grrrr.

If an Oceanic RP realm was added, and open for transfers, I’d go. No more doing instances with toon names that should never have been bank alts, and certainly not 80s.

ps. Don’t even get me started on the real Oceanic trouble – meaning Oceanic servers in, near, or close to the Oceanic region. Talk about a Tab name on the realm screens that has no reflection on reality. (end soapbox)

12 thoughts on “I wish for an Oceanic RP server

  1. Edit to above post: it wasn’t meant to sound sarcastic or condescending btw, I typed it out and hit post without re-reading it so only now do I notice it can read differently than I intended it to.

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but RP servers aren’t immune to that type of thing either.

    I’ve played on three separate RP realms and all of them have an overwhelming population of idiotic names.

    I’ve reported quite a few and kept them friended to see the results.

    Sadly, Crapstain and Dkpowner, among others, still enjoy their “it a free contry rp fag lol” rights.

  3. @ Cassini, yup I know the rp-pve thing is true. Its the rp which I think is missing on the realm list. Maybe I’m just getting old, to match my grumpy…

    @ Nin – oh man how could Crapstain not be a difficult and somewhat confused individual. Choosing a name for a segment of your online life which is self deprecating hints at odd things in my mind.

    Dkpowner is just bad. I’m sure you still get names like that on RP realms, but the number must be staggeringly lower. Because they can be reported.

  4. I used to play on a few RP-PvP servers. And Nin is right, the awful names plague all realms.

    You are right that you can report those names on an RP server…. but that’s not the limit. Those names tend to be “taken care of” more frequently on an RP server, but you can report those names on any server. That’s the thing about really awful names like xxStabbzxx and Pwnyerface, they tend to violate the name regulations of the TOS.

    Granted, not all the names are seemingly taken care of. This depends in part on the GM that answers the ticket. Also, some of these people will actually use the same name or something similar if given a free name change. Other times, it takes a few reports on the same name to see it change.

  5. I think you could argue that heaps of them are in violation of:

    (xii) That utilizes “Leet” or “Dudespeak” (e.g., “Roflcopter”, “xxnewbxx”, “Roxxoryou”)

    loldruid is a distinct one, although I’m not sure they’d ban lol as its in the game as an emote, and certainly can’t ban druid.

  6. The tough part is, like you said, those names are everywhere on non-RP realms somethin’ fierce. Hardly anyone thinks about reporting them. On an RP server, while there are still awful names that slip through the cracks, there tend to be more people on that server reporting those names.

  7. I did a /who on a guild once, and practically every single one of their members online at the time had their class in their name. Im not sure I’d go to the extreme of changing servers because of it, but I didn’t go in to their pug naxx run..

  8. I just squint my eyes and mispronounce the names in my minds eye…

    Getting that Oceanic label improved my ping by about 50… wish they would refine it a bit more… Oceanic – Australia – Melbourne… that’s another 100 ping I could gain just through a label or two

  9. On the other hand, when m’dorf was jogging up to Iron Forge the other day, lying smack bang in the middle of the path was the corpse of a level 2 dwarf called something like ipwnftw.

    I interpreted it as an ironic commentary from some bright spark.

    Or else poetic justice ftw 🙂

  10. My toon’s name is a joke. Then again, it’s somewhat unique, so hopefully that buys me a few points. 😀

  11. Once upon a time names where policed in WoW.
    I know quite a few people who, pre-bc, got forced name changes due to their names being deemed “innapropriate”, or simply for being a sentence.
    10 million subscribers later and it’s simply a waste of gm time to police stuff like that.

    Typically things will only now be enforced if there is the possibility of some kind of legal action being brought against blizzard if they take no action – an extreme event of any of the particular ‘isms’ or possible trademark infringements for example.

    Personally I think as much thought goes into a name like dkpowner as any other rediculous fantasy name – and probably more than went into names like mine that were pilfered from some litery source, anagrams of classes or names long used in old style pen and paper games.

    @gnomeggedon – you were probably on an east coast hosted realm previously. If you had moved to a US Realm hosted on the west coast you most likely would have seen a similar improvement in latency.
    Oceanic Realms are hosted in the same location and on the same hardware as many of the US realms.

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