DK Questions on Elitist podcast

dk-symbolA good interview on Death Knights on The Elitists podcast, #18. Hearing a DK player / blogger  Runeforge Gossip talk about the class was good. Death Knights can benefit from some good advocates within the community, so DKs are not miss-classified and perceived in cliches. Its worth a listen.

(edit: updated slightly since feed was grabbed – they asked a few of my questions, and the comments after the fold is my paraphrasing, not the show content…)

Got my questions asked via email which was nice.

The role of a dps DK within the hybrid vs pure class dps ranking. Basic answer was its fight dependent, and pure classes should always out perform a hybrid, unless a special fight mechanic applies or a screw-up makes this change. Not bad answer, kind of what I expected though.

They asked the utility vs pure dps question, and the need for an advocate in the community too. I tend to agree that folks are vocal in the community, but also think that the quality of these voices tends to be low.