General Vezax Downed

Unhinged are no rag tag bunch of raiders, no sir. We killed General Vezax for the first time last night, and there was much rejoicing and a few screen shots. Now we kill Yogg!


My god – what a tough fight:

  • The healing looks insane and will take a lot of practice.
  • I don’t think we got lucky, I think we were determined. We will need the same determination the next few weeks too, as he is in no way “on farm” yet.
  • Range caster dps is insane. Don’t even consider trying to match them. But they are very dependent on the clouds and switching in and out to get that way.
  • As the dps Death Knight it was my job to go grab the clouds and get them as close as possible. Cloud spawn and pathing is random. Imagine how much I was not actually fighting that fight. But that said – it worked.
  • How is the fight done when you don’t have a Death Knight to Death Grip the clouds?
  • Then add the movement needed for the boss if you don’t have a DK tank, or even with a DK tank after the next major patch. Crikey!

Ignore that somebody ran in and started the Yogg-Soth event almost straight away, I was so pumped from finally killing Vezax that I didn’t care.

Odd tip: Set-up a gear set that has the Argent Lance as a weapon, and switch to it when everything goes to shit. It will slightly reduce your repair bill.

Now to face Yogg-Soth.


4 thoughts on “General Vezax Downed

  1. Grats to you and Unhinged! That’s awesome! Re your question re saronite vapours – we only have one DK in our raid and he is on interrupt duty on the General so one of our hunters brings down the vapours. However, I think using a DK is a much better idea for placement. If we have enough interrupts next week I am going to suggest we get our DK to grab the vapours – shades of Maly eh?

  2. Oh yeah and we have a druid tank the fight so we kite him in a circle around the middle of the room. Good times, good times…..

  3. We were lucky that a dps Warrior and the DK tank were interrupting, and they both are good players who are on the ball.

    Placement of the clouds seems important, and we had to dps down the last 14-15% without any clouds to buff/regen mana.

    Rakk came up with a great idea that was if the Tank drops when General is really low HP. Instead of just standings till and dps, everyone run like hell in different directions. As General moves really slowly, at least some of the dps can continue to kill him while he slaughters the group. Might get a a good extra 10s of dps. There is certainly no reason to stand close once the Tank drops, as the AoE and Shadow Crashes will crush everyone anyway.

  4. Gratz on General!

    Healing really isn’t that bad on the fight if interrupts are spot on. We split our healers into 2 groups and send half for mana each kite phase for normal mode. For hard mode our druids clear cast heal until the vapors form the add (then switch to raid healing), while 2 single target healers keep the tank up (switching off at 40% mana to conserve for the final rush).

    Range dps is insane — especially if you can convince them only to use mana while in crash pools.

    Never used a dk for vapors; one of our locks marks then breaks the vapors — boss is kited to within range of the pool. Typically have a Feral or DK tanking — priest spec’ed into bubble run speed is wonderful for kiting. Using a consistent kite path (i.e. mid room east->west and reversed) we found is key so casters and healers know where to setup.

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