Ulduar Thoughts

Being AFK gives me a chance to write up thoughts on the content we’re progressing on, so here are some altogether scattered Ulduar thoughts. Short version: get into Ulduar if you have not yet. Its great.

  • The place is beautiful, and I mean visually stunning. When you stand like a noob outside Mimron looking through the floor; totally unaware of the bomb bots running in circles; you know they’ve done something right. Its worth getting into Uld if only to see the environment.
  • Overall the pace is fast, and thank god there is not endless streams of trash between bosses (thank you MC), but the trash is not junk-trash. Its trash that will hurt you and make you cry like a school girl. I like the fact that the trash hits like a truck; it means that we have reason to concentrate.
  • It seems easy to kill Flame Lev most days, but then he’s also a fight that to do cleanly still take coordination and skill. Then trying with a tower up makes a good challenge. This is where I think the difficulty modes are useful. FL is where the basic mode ends however, and the instance shows it teeth.
  • a few fights that are serious co-ordination fights; I like these.
  • the run back after Death is short, which is a god-send when you’re getting spanked every 8.5 minutes for 4 hours. The use of teleporters that unlock as you progress is cute in terms of the “style design” and also practical for raiders who need to hop between locations. No ZG, MC, or Karazhan long runs anymore.
  • a few fights with class or insane response times needed; these fights erk me a little, but I get why they are there. These are the things that will get “adjusted” when they decide to allow more folks easier path through the instance some time in the future. The challenge is good.
  • a few fights that are just so cool they blow my mind, which are sometimes the really hard ones as well. Iron Council is one such fight, and I suspect finally killing Mimron will feel that way too.
  • Trash is not trashy at all. These mobs are some of the hardest stuff in the run, and  require concentration and planning. Thank god; I welcome crowd control, and welcome mobs that make us think. I’m sure the uber-guilds just AoE everything anyway and I also look forward to that.

My Top Noob moments (listed by Shadow Priest and Death Knight)

  • Running off the edge in Kologarn. Dying, and then spending the rest of the fight looking up the skirt of a 200 ft tall titan. Ewww and DK-Doh!
  • Staring at the floor while the bomb bots run in, just after the down ramp before Mimron’s room. SPr-Doh!
  • Pulling aggro in the Razorscale fight from the tank on the drill-trash. DK-Doh! Squish.
  • Pulling aggro in the Mimron fight on the 3rd phase zerg-fest. SPr-Doh! Double-fast-squish.
  • During a re-buff after a wipe on the trash in the Antechamber I summoned a new Ghoul; only to find the nearest corpse was a teammate; who was also within range of a patrol path. Major unplanned and bad pull, and deaths for everybody. Lesson learned and my popularity was significantly reduced. /facepalm.