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Q. What happens when your mates group with you in WoW?

A. All sorts of stupidity, see screen shots below after the fold.

First I get made into a cute bunny; which I’m frigging not! I’m a scary Death Knight damn it. The pool of light really helps the overall affect too, it sets of the colour of the fur in that special way. The player responsible is the cat you see in front. /stare at Genowen.

mort-hahaha-bunnyThen we have bloody rabbit ears. Damn Kirin-Tor tabard makes the pink ears even worse too. Like a drag queen from a horror dimension (or Smith St, Collingwood Vic after 10 drinks and/or 3am).

mort-bunny-earsThen some actual serious fun summoning large amount of Undead minions in Naxx 25 man. Hmmmm, minions. (Yes, my interface is busy; but that is the way I have a chance of knowing what in hell is going on)


Then a meter shot of how the run went….we kicked arse. The actual truth is Aelori is a god amongst Druids, and has the best overall damage and dps for the run when you look at the Boss kills without the trash.


And lastly a shot of how my Priest spends most of her time in Ulduar.

yeira-dead-in-ulduarNo, she is not “resting”. Its nice how the book she is holding falls to the ground too. Might be a standard part of the death animations, but its a sweet touch.

4 thoughts on “Random Screenshots

  1. heh @Skatha, It becomes a Zen thing after a while; you just see the info you need. Being as I normally dps i could drop almost all the raid toon frames. I like to have one config for all my toons, so that I’m never thinking about what I do by role; I just always have extra guff-guff.

  2. Smith St, Collingwood Vic after 10 drinks and/or 3am

    Mmmm, I used to live there… never saw one rabbit ear wearing drag queen evar!

    However… I hallucinated a about a lot more weird things while there…

    One night we stopped off at a bikie pub on our usual Friday pub crawl. We always stopped by this pub, but I guess this one night they decided to have some fun with us.

    Even though we were out for another 7 hours, we remember nothing beyond the 1st beer in that bar.

  3. I only just found this – *SNIGGER*

    But you look so purty when you get changed into ‘stuff’….

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