Warcraft Empire Online Sucks

Warcraft Empire Online are thieves. They may also be snivelling creepy bastards, but I have no proof of that. They might be perfect humans too, but no proof of that either. But they are content thieves.

The plan here is to post something so it gets crawled by them, which has all sorts of nasty stuff in it; until they stop. But then I’ve received an email response that said hey have no control over what is crawled by their service. That is just perfect considering the URL you’ll see on their website.

But then I suspect that they are just a cross-linking website that makes money from ads. There is more “bash the monkey” type junk and Gold ads on that site that you can shake a bag of sticks at.

I’ve made a comment, and written an email to aimex77@yahoo.com :


And if they stop, I’ll tell say something nice to that affect too. But they didn’t:


Sorry about that, I have no intention of stealing your content.

The feeds are aggregated and there’s no way i cannot stop or block it to aggregate feed from a certain website.

And I have to stress that i am providing a backlink to your website and there’s is link for readers to go to your link on the article. This is good for search engine optisemisation and get you extra traffic.

But if you still want me to remove the post, please let me know the link so that i can remove the link.

Thanks and have a nice day.

To which I replied:


So your solution is for me to ask you to remove a URL every time you re-post some of my content?

Given that each time you do it, it creates a new URL that seems a little like me constantly asking you to remove it. Over, and over, and over.

How about this:

– Remove all references to my Blog totally; from now onward. Also remove every reference you already have.

– Then each day, you check your website, and remove any links that have my content in them. This saves me doing what your subscription system should not be doing to begin with.

My biggest bitch is that you link to my content without using my Name. Its listed as “some person” or similar. Give credit, a link is not good enough.


And then they said:

Look friend,

I have so many posts on my blog, how would i know which content is yours.

Like what I said, I have no control over the feed that are aggregated and there was no way to block a website.

And there no way that the plugin can show the author name.

And like what i say, if you’re not satisfied, then tell me which is the link and I will go and remove them.

And lastly, for your information, the reason why it’s call a AUtoblog mean it will auto update and we just set it up, I don’t even have the time to check or read the blog.

Thanks you.

So I then contact the host called Hostgator, and the response is less that happy for me, and great for the dickheads ripping content.

Hello Andrew,

Unfortunately there is not enough information on the site to report stolen content, this site is showing a brief description of what the topic is about and then it says to read the story click here which links directly to your site giving you the full credit and gives them the rest of the story.  There is not enough here for a valid DMCA  complaint.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank You,

Ryan Merritt
Linux System Administrator
HostGator, LLC.

At least they repsoned quickly, and made me feel liek a person:

hi Ryan,

I must say this is really disappointing.

Their site does nothing to add value to me or my site; but takes content. If anything the fact that they are linking to me reduces my index rank; as they’re pretty much just a blind sync of rss feeds.

This is a case where I suppose the “law” is clear enough, but not matched to my ethics;  so I’ll just have to get past it and move on. Hopefully the content laws will be tightened eventually to help limit  behaviour like this.



This leaves me with two choices: choose to be upset, or choose to move on.

I chose to to be upset for a while, and hopefully in a few days I won’t care anymore. Getting past this will not be difficult. The guys on that bad aggregator site have done enough to generate some revenue from everyone else’s work; but not enough to actually care.

Screw’em. I’ve got games to play.


10 thoughts on “Warcraft Empire Online Sucks

  1. Email his webhost.

    If he’s posting your stuff without credit (even if it has a link) and you’ve asked him to stop and he says no?

    He’s in violation of his webhosting contract, most likely 🙂

    Frequently a nastygram from ones webhost to stop being a dickwad and stealing people’s stuff or they will cancel your contract and remove your website is a good way to get someone to pay attention.

    THe stuff about the aggregator is bullshit, frankly.

  2. I see that kind of sites constantly being spammed on twitter. I have already reported a few to wow.com that were “mirroring” their site (with tons of goldsellers/powerleveling ads as well offcourse!).

  3. It’s not actually good for search engine optimisation. The better search engines are aware of these automated content generation sites and automatically blacklist them.

    i.e their links to your blog add no value to your blogs search engine ranking.

    One thing I suggest doing is make sure you remove any pings or other links that are on your website, to their website, as this adds some ranking value to their website.

  4. hat shits me too is that this guy says freely in the email that his website is totally a robot; with no editorial value, yet somehow the content seems to be wow related rather than just random links. Total rubbish. I don’t want my blog associated with his “junk blog”.

    And he’s an Aussie as well; which leaves a bad taste in my mouth as I would have liked to think that Australians are less prone to this type of behaviour.

    WhoIs: http://whois.domaintools.com/warcraftempireonline.com

    I’ve written to the hosting company HostGator to see what they can do.

  5. Bummer to hear hostgator isn’t reacting like they should be.
    We’ll I won’t list those types of sites. I bet they feel the sting now!

  6. Is what this content aggregating website doing very different to Google’s indexing?

    My opinion is that this kind of non-editorial indexing (including Google) is a cheap way to get traffic and doesn’t help content authors nearly as much as it helps the perpetrator sell ads. Finding content via a cheap-arse gold selling website also diminishes the credibility of the content.

  7. Fairly different. Google doesn’t reproduce verbatium the web page copy and sometimes claim it as their own work.

    Google has been a huge boon for content authors, except where those authors are trying to generate revenue via gatekeeper type methods (as opposed to on-page adds).

    Users of Google are usually coming to your content expecting to see what it is their are searching for and Google delivers.

    If you have a basic understanding of search engine optimistation (and I mean basic) and do stuff like write quality content and use sensible page titles, etc, then Google is going to send you more traffic than you’d get if Google didn’t exist.

    Cheap as in nasty? Not IMHO. Heap as in cost effective? Yes.

    Gobble gobble.

  8. The content that:

    the purpose of google is very different, and no I’m not going to get into a philosophical argument about that. One is a search tool, the other is an index for selling Gold ads

    the editorial controls are tighter at google

    the organisations have different levels of professionalism

    your can opt in and out of google index

    google offers all sorts of free extra value items to make using them appealing

    That is like comparing a paper air plane to a Mig.

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