Stolen content WarcraftEmpireOnline?

Will the folks at WarcraftEmpireOnline also re-post my blogpost saying that they are ripping my content without credit?

  • If they do, then they’re hardly worth the bandwidth to read as they’re posting anything.
  • If they don’t then they’re applying some editorial control, which makes their use without credit (theft) even worse.

Acknowledge the use by Name and URL, or friggin stop guys. Its one thing to re-post, its another to call somebody anonymous.

10 thoughts on “Stolen content WarcraftEmpireOnline?

  1. If someone is reposting your stuff without permission – email them directly and tell them to stop.

    If they don’t stop, report them to their ISP or their web hosting provider, with proof that you asked them to stop and they didn’t.

    Scraping is not a cool thing, but usually if you are direct about it (since most of this is done by a bot, it might not recognize the post as… threatening XD) and take this to a person, usually it can at least be removed from past entries. Then if it happens again you have cause to report them for content theft 🙂

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  3. I tag all my posts now with the creative commons logo and a url…

    Since I have done that I don’t think I have had anything that wasn’t directly credited to me…

    sure it might start with “zcxhhggs had an interesting article”, but they then link back to my original post

  4. Yeah I got about half a dozen regular sites like that. I just delete their pings and ignore them. They are mostly bots.

    I’ve banned their URLs from commenting and that seems to help with the pings.

    Creative Commons is a good idea though.

  5. I am very sorry to hear about this. The site appears to be hosted at Hostgator so it would be trivial to get it shut down with a copyright notice to the host.

    Feel free to email me if you want any help. My email is jonathan at

  6. hi PlagiarismToday, Interesting idea. Is that a free service, or something that will keep me in lawyers and such? Are you a wow’er, or watching content theft online?

  7. @ BobTurkey, I’ve blocked’em as spam now, but I’ll see how far I want to take it. The odd post to make fun of the bots might be how I deal with this. Although I should do as Gnomer suggested and at least ping an email to them.

  8. It’s completely free. I have stock letters on my site,, just get the DMCA notice to host letter, fill it out and mail it to abuse at Be sure to list as many posts as possible (up to 10 or so) and list them individually, you have to list specific URLs and titles.

    It should take them only a few days to remove it.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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