Farewell to a few friends

This week a few friends left for new guilds, some went to new (old) servers, and one friend stopped playing.

lost-friendsFarewell, happy to have shared the time together. Will see you again soon.


8 thoughts on “Farewell to a few friends

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  2. I’m curious if the same change in guilds and potential player retirements happened during tBC when guilds were trying to progress from Kara/Gruul to the next tiers of content.

    So is this a strange affect of progressive content, a perfect storm of circumstances, or that wow has been around for a long while. Any takers on a theory?

  3. It certainly did happen.
    Especially when you still required attuneents for SSC and TK and again for MH and BT.

    I do believe the 10 man raids have muddied the water and made it harder to find a middle tier 25 man guild.

    The guild I am currently in saw many people use us a stepping stone nto the more hard core raiding guilds during periods where our progression slowed.

    We will see it happen again when 3.2 goes live

  4. I hope we have a little more time before the next content release. Just because guilds have dropped the end boss in Ulduar does not mean that the content is easy or farmed for the majority of players.

    Although if the new stuff was on the same level as Ulduar that might make it interesting. Like when they added Magister’s Terrace. I’d like some tough as guts 5 mans to push against too.

  5. It was fun, but as you know I missed all of my other guildies over on Feathermoon. I didn’t want to have to spend the energy to build up a social network again when I have a great one on my ‘home’ server already.

    You should just join the awesomeness that is FM anyway 😛

  6. I fully get it, which is why the world would have to change significantly for me to switch to Feathermoon. We need temporary instances that share servers!

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