Death Knight 3.1.2 live – nurfed but not lost

dk-symbolThe 3.12 went from PTR to live, and before I ranted about it having an affect on DPS I thought it best to at least try an instance. After all we’re all used to and accept that 60% of blog posts are rants about something. (I want to save my rants for politics and clams changes)

Well after a 10 man run in Ulduar I can say for certain that the Tier set adjustment from 10 RP to 5 RP is a nurf, and had a noticeable affect on my Death Knight’s performance. Nurf confirmed.

Q. But how serious is the nurf?
A. Not breaking, but easy to feel.

I’m guessing it dropped approx 250 dps, but don’t have a wide enough spread of data to back that opinion.

The real affect was the change in what abilities are used when. Previously I could sneak Death Coils in and keep Unholy Blight ticking easily, without too much stress. I could keep the Gargoyle well fed on RP at the same time as doing a normal set of strikes.

Not any more. Now I will learn to plan ahead a lot more in my Rune Power usage, and to accept that swinging with white damage hits is ok. Previously there was an ability to be clicked every time the GCD was available. Now I watch the regen of runes, to get my next best strike or power; and

I know that it was enough for me to think that I was not performing as well as I should and but good enough for me to still be worth taking along.

2 thoughts on “Death Knight 3.1.2 live – nurfed but not lost

  1. I have no expereience with DKs. Are they not limited by the GCD?

    I play a Disc Priest, Elem shaman and Prot warrior and they are all limited by the GCD, especially the last shaman and warrior.

    To clarify, when DPSing as a DK do you have periods where you have a GCD to spend and nothing that needs it?

    Gobble gobble.

  2. I used to have an ability to use every time the GCD was available. It was still the same cooldown, but I was never not doing something. Now I spend time waiting, and thats a bit dull by comparison.

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