Quick Tip: Gold for beginners

Because I am an alt-a-holic with a short attention span….I started a toon on a server where I have no others, and was worried about the cash flow. Initially it sucked not having any cash for the 35-50 silver items that would make questing a little easier.

Now that I’ve spend a little while leveling Herbalism to around 170 and Inscription to 150, gold is not an issue. Some very cheap Glyphs sell well. 20 minutes of farming can make you 8-10g. For a low level toon that is a frigging fortune. There is no excuse for gold begging.PS. A huge boon is that Glyphs have no deposit cost. That means it does not matter if they sell or not, you just re-post them.

4 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Gold for beginners

  1. DOn’t level alts on another server!
    I have alts on this one that it would be far more enjoyable to level in a group.

  2. For 20-25 gold you get while playing the DK starting area, which is at least 3 hours of play – its not worth it if you’re not going to play that DK. In 3-4 hours you can level any two of Herbalism, Mining, Skinning to make gold easier. I suppose you could then use the DK as a bank toon that comes with a set of x12 slot bags, but not a huge deal.
    You’re also not adding to the Death Knight polution on the servers either.

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