I want to see Algalon one day

I saw a YouTube video of the first part of the Algalon encounter in Ulduar. This is a major spoiler, but damn – it looks fantastic. I want to see this for my self one day. Hard work? Yep, I’m ready (but maybe not prepared…).

YouTube – Algalon Sneak peak

Never mind he’s hard mode only, or that we’re only 8 bosses in for 10 man. This is a true goal worthy of aiming at. I love the fact its damn hard to get to, and its even better that nobody anywhere has downed him. The enounter looks drool worthy.

1 thought on “I want to see Algalon one day

  1. “drool worty” thats exactly it. Even that i am in a kinda hardcore guild, i do not think i will ever see him, nor anybody in my guild. It requires you to kill some of the hardest bosses on their hardest hard modes, so its really not very possible for us

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