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No major theme for this post, just a series of stuff that I found, saw, or experienced over the last week. Read more about bad pugs, WoW Ripoffs, Mortigen’s titles, and 10m vs 25m below.

1. Pugs still suck.

They can be wonderful, and every now and then I see players doing really well, sometimes with only average gear, but showing awe inspiring skill. Most days you see at least one silly fool, and this weekend the idiot factory must have got ADSL because there was a higher percentage of lol-what around.

A good pug for me has zero or one wipe. A bad one has four. At wipes number five I’ll leave the pug no matter what. Sooner if the players are acting like dickheads or doing silly things. I budget on about 10g per badge that can be dropped, and a death is about 10g.

I should really put some money in my virtual swear jar.

2. The9 to create WoW Ripoff; figures.

The company in China who used to run WoW, now are announcing a WoW rip (wowinsider found it first). Of for the love of the light this is a company reinforcing the china-clone-thief stereotype. I think its a shame that The9’s are doing it, and it makes sense in a twisted way. They’ve got ball of solid steel to do this, but this really might work in that market. They can make it sub-par compared to the real product, have a totally different financial model, and possibly make a profit. They also leverage off the huge WoW market.

I hope they get shut down fast, but can see no reason why that would get shutdown but so many other rip-offs get through.

3. Got my Argent Champion Title

This was the second title that I wanted, and also thing I can get without brain melting time on the keyboard. The Rep ping’ed while doing GunDrak, and I felt silly for not panning ahead and carrying my last tabard for rep with Kirin Tor. Not that a Death Knight can get much from the Dalaran rep.

4. 10 man vs 25 man.

The rewards are different, and the badges you get are different. And we can’t do anything about that, and for most most part I don’t mind. 10 man raiding feels more personal to me. If you’re lucky you’re running with a solid crew of people you trust, and every second of performance counts. Doing 10 man Ulduar on the Iron Council fight was totally awesome. We got killed over and over, but each time got closer. I literally could not have looked away from the screen – gaming zen moment.

That gets frustrating when you have to carry people though. I’ve been doing a casual run every now and then with a particular toon, and the player must just not pay attention, as his performance is always dismal. As he’s not one of the guys I regularly play with, I feel safe in saying something on the blog that won’t call him out publicly.

I don’t expect huge dps from everyone all the time (we all have bad fights) but you have to hit the mark sometime. Even on “tank n spank” fights this guy is amazingly average or worse. Bring the player not the class, but in reverse I guess; but how do you tell them?

25 man feel much more like being part of a complex team. The fight dynamics often mean more is going on, but the circumstances feel more legendary too. It might be just the fact that getting 25 people to act in a coordinated manner is tougher.

That said, I’d rather be doing 25 man content if given the choice, but would raid 10 man Ulduar until that can happen. Its frustrating to be doing ok at the game, and also not be able to get closer to the edge. Is there a good description for a player who likes to raid very hard, but only raid a few nights a week? If so, thats me.

I’d also be happy to go back and do 10 man and 25 man Naxx, VoA, and OS. There are still odd drops that I can get as upgrades and even if most of the fights are not hard anymore, its all badges and gold if done well. At worse I might be ale to get my alt in very rarely, she needs almost anything as upgrades.

Enjoy the week folks, I know I will. (edited to fix typos)


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