Planned 3.1.2 Death Knight change nurf

MMO Champion has the 3.1.2 planned changes, (which are on PTR?) and one thing in particular pisses me off. [Rant incoming]

Death Knights

  • Tier 7 DPS Bonus changed to : Your Obliterate, Scourge Strike, and Death Strike generate an additional 5 Runic Power when used. (Down from 10 Runic Power)
  • Tier 8 DPS bonus changed to : Increases the critical strike chance of Death Coil and Frost Strike by 8%. (Up from 5%)

Why in hell change the RP return from the Tier 4 DPS bonus?

This is an awesome set bonus, that was valuable for all DK specs. The RP generation was not overpowered. Consider that every Death Knight spec has to use RP in core abilities in whatever role that are doing. RP generation is pivotal. For Death Knights its the same as mana, except we don’t get it for standing still in a passive manner, we need to use abilities to get RP.

The RP buff helped the Unholy ability Gargoyle a lot. It made Gargoyle a good choice, rather than a somewhat difficult gimmick. With a RP reduction the likelihood of Gargoyle being up for its potential full duration is lower, and that means overall dps is reduced. Most fights have movement, unexpected stuff, strange affects and that makes RP generation a tad less easy.

So DKs get a nurf in our current best gear, which reduces our contribution to progression, and in no way changes the expectation by others that Death Knights should be able to be a solid dps class. Its a nurf to Death Knights just when we’re doing the hardest content, fucking stupid.

(And don’t bother with a QQ comment on the blog, you’ll get deleted. The asshat knows who he is, and knows his comments never see the light of day.)

Oh, but wait TyphoonAndrew – your T8 bonus is increased! Isn’t that OK?

No. It might be nice to raise the dps on a set that almost nobody has, and I have no idea how good the T8 bonus is. But I know exactly how useful and diverse the T7 is, and thats why I’m pissed.

I suspect that the reason for this is that we’re all reading that DKs are better off keeping the 4 set bonus from T7 instead of T8 – so now they nurf one, and increase the other. Now that would be a really shitty thing to do, and basically a screw up.

Can somebody tell me where the justification is for this change? In detail?

Some tooltip information got changed as well for Death Knights, but only to reflect what we already read about in the last patch, so no big deal..

5 thoughts on “Planned 3.1.2 Death Knight change nurf

  1. No sympathy for death knights im afraid and it is a gear nerf rather than an actual class nerf. Paladins recieved the same and infact most of their teir 8 stuff is rubbish. Particularly the healing gear.

    I would have prefered a downright class nerf to the DK itself however if the ‘massive’ 5 rp decrease makes a difference then Im happy.

  2. If your dislike of the class is from PvP, then I respect that. I’ve not done pvp as yet, and trust that things are not yet balanced.

    Guildies were talking tonight about the RP change being a possible response to pvp. What this does is punish the pve players, for the sake of the pvp ones. If an armour set bonus is unbalanced in pvp, then adjust it there – not in pve.

    What about a balancing debuff that applied all the tweaks Blizzard want to the pvp game, but is not present in pve? Its already almost a different game, so why not apply some special rules.

    But then the idea that pvp should be balanced is something that I find strange too. There are some classes that should be better as aspects of pvp than others.

    Oh, and I feel for the Paladins. I played one for a long time, and the continual 360 degree turn arounds and screwing with the class really helped me drop it as my main.

  3. You’re playing a class that hasn’t had 5 years of play testing.

    Expect more changes.

  4. Try some pvp with a death knight…. it is akin to ganking someone 10 levels below you…. only kidding however they seem to just be unkillable atm unless you have a 2 on 1 situation.

    As for ‘What I’d like to read is a reason for the change’ Im still awaiting Ghostcrawler and the rest to say why exorcism was removed from pvp, and the too much ‘burst damage’ reason was utter balls. Palas have been the most changed class in WoW imo and ghostcrawler has stated pala combat is in for some huge changes……great. I am expecting a point generator ala rogue which i certainly wont be happy about

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