Ulduar finally gets some Unhinged loving from me

dragonsteel-faceplateLatest news just in, our motley crew took me in with them to Ulduar 10m.

There was much success with Flame Leviathan (tank toys), Ignis (great fight for positioning), Razorscale (who pissed me off because of her damn wings), XT-002 (painful because of the voice), and Kologarn (discovered we needed two tanks…) all downed in night one.

We returned the next night and killed Observer Auriaya (the crazy cat lady) and the Iron Council (who were tough but so much awesome fun). I hope to see more dead bosses in the near future.

Spoiler: he dies and makes a bridge. So funky.

Spoiler: Kologarn dies and makes a bridge. So funky.

Have to say that the fights are each kind of cool. I really liked the Iron Council fight, as it had heaps going on. As dps it is a straight forward affair, and I can’t imaging what the hell the poor tanks were going through. Range dps gets a real boost from those blue circles on the floor; lucky sods.

Oh and why the pic of the helm? I got the Dragonsteel Faceplate. I don’t think the T7.5 helm was ever a real upgrade, but now its only for silly value. 🙂

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