Patch 3.1 spec for Shadow Priest

priest_iconThere is not a huge list of talent changes for the Shadow Priests in 3.1, which means that the standard choices remain almost unaffected. I will not be initially buying dual spec, as I have to save up the cash. So when I have a 2nd spec to worry about I’ll post that. I’m thinking a heavy Disc build, but will have to see what the community thinks of the Holy changes.

My Shadow Priest is wearing crappy gear, and in no way represents the typical gear level, stats, or itemisation needs. Thus if you are well geared you will want to consider some serious changes. This spec is more for a Shadow Priest who is still getting to, or just questing at 80.

DPS: 14/0/57 Shadow with Inner Focus and no Shadow Affinity

DPS Notes:

  • I like Inner Focus as an affect, especially when combined with Dev Plague.
  • With my crappy gear I still find mana an issue. Thus I have kept Meditation (Disc) and Focused Mind (Shad), and Imp Spirit Tap.
  • There is no fear of pulling aggro with low base spell damage, so no need for Shadow Affinity. As gear improves that might have to change, although I don’t pull aggro as a Death Knight wearing nice gear, so I doubt this talent is ever useful. Isn’t the first few casts Dot based anyway?
  • I have not taken Improved Vampiric Embrace (IVE) as I suspect that the cross healing it does is not going to compare to Pally or DK dps healing, and it was 2 points I wanted elsewhere. I suspect that in 10 man runs that this might be very handy if the fights do splash damage.
  • Improved Shadow Form was touch and go, but I took this for the reduction in knock back. Maybe IVE would have been a better choice?
  • I took Spirit Tap and Improved Spirit Tap again for the mana return and because I still solo quest a lot. This seemed to be a major point on contention in the builds out there. Probably overkill with Meditation.
  • I am still thinking of taking 1 point from Imp Spirit Tap and putting it in Focused Mind 3.

2 thoughts on “Patch 3.1 spec for Shadow Priest

  1. Im in a similar situation. I’m specing into Shadow for an off spec (I think) and there are a lot of choices about what to take.

  2. I’ll be checking your Disc notes Bob, as they were spot on when I was Disc/holy. If I can get to 1000g quickly I’ll try it out.

    How I loathe having crappy gear.

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