How to comment, public service announcement

I get the odd blog comment that is nigh on inane, and mostly they get deleted without being posted. What on earth a screen-breather is thinking that the post would be put up, especially unqualified?

Good comments add or argue about the post in a way that is constructive.

Bad comments just criticise without offering any detail, or a better option.

I post this as a long time ago I grabbed several specs for the different classes I play, mucked around with them a bit to suit my choices, and then posted them. They are still the best source of hits, and best source of idiot comments I have. Recently I updated the out of date ones, and have even warned as a post edit that the spec are now out of date, and the viewer should look elsewhere.

Then you get junk like this:

Nosferatu: dude u’re a total retard that talent build for cat is a joke,try playing something that does’t require thinking so much

Now thats not clever, insightful, or offer an alternative. In fact it says that this player is looking for a really easy game, with little complexity, and I’d hazard a guess that English is his first language, but he’s yet to master it.

So don’t be like little Nosferatu here, post something useful.


5 thoughts on “How to comment, public service announcement

  1. It’s always entertaining to get comments from stuff written 2-3 months ago and is clearly out of date.

    I can only imagine how much worse you will have it with 3 years of blogging history.

    I don’t have comment moderation turned on, but there are times I’ve considered it.

  2. /sigh some people just don’t get it. I doubt they have ever strung 5 words together “on paper” only to discover a week later that they are now dated.

    I got a few similar (but not as harsh) comments on my Lock twinking posts after a recent WI link.

    The comments were so vague that I couldn’t work out if the issue was that there was new gear available, or that the readers were offended that I was suggesting (primarily) Vanilla with a couple of TBC items.

    Thing is, Blizzard hasn’t really revamped all the level 19 gear… apparently they are more focused on the level 80 stuff…

    On a slight tangent… I keep meaning to write a post to ask bloggers whether they would prefer a silent read of their posts, or the occasional “nice”, “lol” etc.

    Sometimes I read a post that really requires no comment, yet is deserving in acknowledgment of the author and their efforts.

    I probably comment 50% of the time.. monosyllabic, but comment none-the-less.

    Problem is I always feel silly when I do, and guilty when I don’t.

    Must fire up editor and start forming the question.

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  4. /sigh The trolls and rudeness shall never cease. There’s a way to say something and a way not to, although the message is the same.

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