WoW Addiction taken seriously?

I came across the WoW Detox website while googling for odd stuff. There you’ll find comments by all range of people who are advocating leaving wow and reclaiming their lives. On first look it seems ok and normal. But on closer inspection I think the website may be a really odd subtle hoax.

In the middle of the homepage now is a White-on-black text based powerpoint fade, which my itself might be just a bad video. But the content is saying that getting outside and not playing wow will help resolve MOST the world’s woes.

Um, lolwut?

The GFC, World Hunger, Poverty, Endless Wars, Global Warming can be resolved by wow players quitting and running around IRL.

Its a challenge to yourself…

OK, maybe not an insane proposition….until you also add to the this the fact they used the Terminator Judgement Day music as a back ground. That was when I started laughing.

…so we have an end of the world message, about the GFC, which targets the people who have already quit wow. Seriously, I do not understand how this is not a savage parody.

What will you do for you…?

The world needs people….

I don’t think the Onion could write better, more subtle satire than this. And the website creators might be serious.

So go outside people, don your tinfoil hat, click your heels together and turn around three times. It will have the same affect as anything else, but at least there is the chance that you live on a hill and the lightning storm will hit your dumb ass head, and near kill you. Then some nursing staff, doctors, and all sorts of professionals will have jobs caring for you, which are real jobs at least.


5 thoughts on “WoW Addiction taken seriously?

  1. loooooooooooooool at that site. I don’t know what is worst, the fact that people let themselves become addicted to WoW or the fact that there are people who actually make and run that site.

  2. That video really is a little bit too much, but actually I don’t have anything against the people running the site or frequenting it. There are people who’re having serious problems dealing with WoW addiction, just as there are people who can’t handle alcohol, sex, gambling… There’s nothing strange about it and I’m glad they can find a place where they can get comfort and support each other to get their lives back on track.

    What I don’t like is when people start crusades trying to convince everyone else that they have a problem. People who try to get the game banned, who spread prejudices about gaming. That’s a shame.

    But inspite of the video I think the major idea about that site is to give support to people who need it, not to try start a war against the game as such and people who can handle the game normally.

    And no, I seriously don’t think the video was made as a joke.

  3. @Larisa – I’m in favour of any service that helps addiction. What made me totally stop dead in my tracks and question the website was drawing a link between beating the addition and all the woes. It just does not make sense.
    Look at it another way – if you were going to create a parody website, wouldn’t that video be a totally perfect element?

  4. Yeah, I agree. It’s a pity they make such a ridiculous movie.

    I guess my comment was most directed at Eresin. I think the people who are struggling with their addiction deserves some compassion rather than despice.

  5. Yeh i can see how I came across a little harsh, my poitnw as just that people need to exercise some self control and not get into the situation where you are addicted.

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