WoW Addiction taken seriously?

I came across the WoW Detox website while googling for odd stuff. There you’ll find comments by all range of people who are advocating leaving wow and reclaiming their lives. On first look it seems ok and normal. But on closer inspection I think the website may be a really odd subtle hoax.

In the middle of the homepage now is a White-on-black text based powerpoint fade, which my itself might be just a bad video. But the content is saying that getting outside and not playing wow will help resolve MOST the world’s woes.

Um, lolwut?

The GFC, World Hunger, Poverty, Endless Wars, Global Warming can be resolved by wow players quitting and running around IRL.

Its a challenge to yourself… Continue reading

Software authenticator announced

A software based authenticator for mobile devices has been announced. Good god, that is an interesting idea!

software_authI think the employee who thought this up, or even the team who wanted it should be taken out to lunch. Somewhere nice too, with white tablecloth. This little app has the potential to help every one of the millions of Blizzard clients, and if done well will help change our expectation of online services.

  • Can you reverse engineer a iPhone/mobile/whatever app? Probably, but how hard. Does the delivery to so many platforms make it easier to get security flaws, as there are so many difefrent platforms?
  • Connection only needed the first time it runs, to setup the account link. Obvious, but important.
  • I wonder if I can put in the serial of my physical keychain, and then use my iPhone for authentication. This way I have two devices linking to my account. Why? So that if my iPhone crashes, or I drop my keychain into the toilet by accident I can still play wow.
  • It won’t be free (nothing good is) but hopefully its no more expensive that the keychain model.

This is also a great sign of what online games, apps, links, and services all over the place should be doing if the proport to have “high security”. 10/10, but it remians to be seen if its safe. The early adopters will be taking a few risks, so I’ll stay with the keychain till after the first few rounds of release.

ps. I wonder if the Apple App Store will give the Devs grief to get the app approved. Afterall you can talk about rude things while playing the game….