Upgrades and a question


  • Mortigen has a few upgrades that make the gear better, but what I really need to do is fix my spec. The current range of Death Knight specs are way different to mine, and while I can keep up using my current build, with my gear the performance should be far better. I’m a little ashamed.
  • I think I’ll go back to Unholy 2H build. It was how I started and how I leveled. I don’t tank much, and I get the impression from the PTR that Blood and Unholy will be the two dps talent trees of choice.
  • A good friend also plays a Frosty DK Tank, and I think he’s looking good in the 3.1 update. Maybe a Frost tank spec might be a good “off-spec” or dare I say dual spec choice. But if Blood tanking allows solid solo grinding of lowbie instances I’ll do that instead. I do a lot of helper runs with mates, and being able to solo Tank without too much ache will be my goal.
  • I still want some good Bracers, a 25 man Maly kill, and the Betrayer of Humanity. Then I’m ready for 3.1.

Q&A Time

Q. Why the hell would Arthas allow a tournament in Icecrown? (ala the Tournament coming with 3.1)

A. He bloody wouldn’t.

If the new tournament is not one of the most heavily guarded and fortified areas in the zone, then this is a corrosive stain on the shining lore of Icecrown.

Then again the Ebon Blade have managed to camp one of his outposts for ages, so maybe Arthas is distracted by something else enough to allow all these pesky Alliance and Horde types to live on his block. If I was him I’d be saying get off my lawn, and bringing about 50 of those 80e mobs to send the message clearly.

O.o (non-wow)

Being a PM for a website development company, we get all sorts of requests. This is closer to madness that I am used to.

I had a maintenance email from a client who wants us to update a page in their website. Part of the task is to update a link to a new Pdf, which she said was attached to her email.

I open the email and she has attached a Word doc with an embedded image of the pdf, which is open on her desktop. Yep, she viewed the pdf, took a screenshot, pasted it into Word, saved, and sent it to me.



Screenshot it, or it didn’t happen…

Not sure if I should change the link from the old Pdf to the new screenshot. I’m not even sure how I wrote the “you forgot the pdf” email back to them without snarkyness. One challenge at a time.

WoW Server Twitter

We (the community) could setup server based, or even guild based Twitter lists to help with LFG and other tomfoolery. I twittered this earlier, which is a good example of what you could do.

WoW+Twitter=Server based LFG tool. Think about it. You’d follow your svr-us, then type: “LFM H VoA, 2 dps”. And anyone keen twitters back.

  • You could get LFGs and such while offline, to see if you’re keen.
  • Guild based lists could allow quick grouping
  • It would be a huge pugger spam, as the screen-breathers ping you for SM and DM over, and over, and over, and over…

OK, bad idea. Sorry.

Edit: What I mean here is that whiel I like the Twiter idea, its getting so much popular attention in the technoology junkie circles, that I think its being used to solve false problems. Kind of like the saying “when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.