What if Arthas was a Windows update?

Silly thought for the day: What if Arthas was like a Windows update?

Maybe the Lich King would consider the Arthas upgrade like an unwanted Windows update?

“ohhh shiny”

“wait a sec, I know I lost the fight but these new features are odd and clunky…”

“what happened to the old powers (files) I had?”

“where did the cast bar go?”

Or is Old Lich King vs. Arthas the Lich King like a strange Mac vs PC thing…(if I had video talent you’d be seeing a spoof video)


3 thoughts on “What if Arthas was a Windows update?

  1. In retrospect I think the whole idea is a good indicator of how screwy my brain is at the moment. Consider:
    – “You are not prepared” might be the Mac ad for the iPhone?
    – the hallowed Core where Ragnaros lives might me made by Intel?

    heh – Arthas and Lich King do the Mac ad.
    Ar “I’m a Knight”
    LK “and I’m a Lich King.”
    Ar “hey Lich King, I’ve been reading about your new mob AI – you’re upgrading?”
    LK “We’re looking for new material, new regions to spread into. When you’re the cutting edge evil doer you need to keep sharp.”
    Ar “So you’re exploring guerrilla tactics? Working on stacking mobs? Building synergistic bonuses? That type of thing? ”
    LK “…errr, sorry, what are those? (sweating)”
    Ar “You should see the Frostmourne patch (sword), we’re happy with it so far. The market is hyped.”
    LK “That looks ok, I guess – hard to tell until you deploy…”
    Ar “Like a feel? (stabs LK)”
    LK “that was unexpected (gurgle), curse you!.”
    Ar “I feel a bit dirty, that was too easy….is it cold in here?”
    (flash of light)
    New LK/Ar “Now we can expand properly…”

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