WoW Stalker

The community needs a way to share success and failure, and WoW Stalker would meet that need.


Send sms when they level, ping and email when they hit 375 engineering, or even send a nasty note if they leave your guild. WoW Stalker could do it all.

It started as a joke after I sent a grats sms to a few guys in WoW, and then I got to thinking that a stalker service for wow would be handy. I love what you can do with Weebly.


5 thoughts on “WoW Stalker

  1. I thought Guild Greet was already stalkerish enough… getting gratz’s for dings before the bright yellow light is gone. πŸ˜›

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  3. what a cool idea. It kinda reminds me of when Burning Crusade first came out (a looong long time ago). I still remember the screen after screen of ‘gratz’ messages I got when I reached 70. lol.

    I was later talking to the guy who was first on our server to reach 70. He said that he got so many messages from random people accross the server that it crashed game >.<

    btw, would you guys be interested in a link exchange with my blog? check it out and let me know if you’re interested πŸ™‚


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