Stretch campaign for Mind Flay

spriestsMisery has created a campaign to have Mind Flay adjusted to be more in line with most range caster dps spells. Stretch is a great name for it.

I support this.

The tone of the Stretch campaign is constructive and professional.

If you know a Priest, are a Priest, or are a range caster who would hate having a significant proportion of your dps placed at 20 yards rather than 30; then go read.

As one of my alts is a Priest, and I love Shadow this is important to me.


5 thoughts on “Stretch campaign for Mind Flay

  1. When they make my 2H axe 30 yards long I’ll stop playing my violin for you.

  2. Seriously though what is really the point?
    So you don’t get hit by some of the bigger auras? Welcome to the world of rangedcraft that melee types have been dealing with from day 1.

    I’m glad Blizzard have finally put in some encounters that make the ranged guys have to move around all the time.
    I’m looking forward to them putting in a few more auras that force you to be close to the boss to avoid it.
    Caster dps gear is just as loaded with Stam just as any other dps classes gear is. Most splash damage is of a spell damage type so armor dos nothing except waste valuable itemisation points that could have been better spent on other stats.

    If there was a single fight anywhere in the game where dps HAD to be a range all the time then a can tell you that there would be a hell of a lot of annoyed people.
    I had a look at the link and there isn’t any reason listed that makes increasing the range a necessity.

    I can use the same basic arguments to allow me to use my melee “spells” from 30 yards away.

    Exactly what environmental damage is he speaking of? There’s not even an example.
    From my recollections of Naxx/OS/VoA/EoE there is not a single boss that has these kinds of abilities.

    I also think it overlooks the important distinction between Shadow Priests and Shamans and other dps casters – the ability to heal.
    It’s not JUST about the snare.

    Oh and just right of the top of my head Chains of Ice is another snare with a 20 ft base range.

    I think the OP would be hard pressed to present DPS numbers that even remotely justified any of his arguments

    It’s this kind of thoughtless my-class-needs-a-buff campaigning that is just plain stupid as all it is really trying to achieve is to make even less distinction b/w the classes.

    WTB a golfclap option at the bottom of the post.

  3. I think the distinction is between range casters, and has nothing to do with melee. Saying your axe should have 30 yards is silly.

    There are fights where mobs do cleaves and swings, and if you’re a cloth wearer near that you get dead fast.

    Plate, mail and to some extent even leather has some protection. Cloth is cloth.

    And the snare affects are irrelevant for most situations except pvp.

  4. There are no cleaves or ww that have a 20 ft range.

    And yes saying my axe should have a 30ft range is silly, my point remains valid though.
    Melee have no special abilities to resist typical splash damage AND they have to contend with the cleaves and whirlwinds.

    My main point however was ignored.
    Which bosses in Naxx have a short range aura?
    You’ll find their abilities are all typically ranged and reading the feed back from the Ulduar encounters this trend appears to have continued.

    Snare effects are irrelevant only for raiding (usually) not only relevant for PvP.
    Big distinction.
    Note that for some snares while the boss is immune to the snare effect, the debuff actually remains in effect so that the many talents that have a greater effect while the target is snared still work.

    Regardless of how well written and presented the argument is doesn’t change the fact that it is an extremely weak argument that’s unsupported by any evidence that it’s actually a disadvantage.

    Basing your argument primarily on the fact that class X can do this therefore my class should be able to as well is pretty weak on it’s own.

    If that was a valid argument then so would saying DKs should be able to use shields because the other plate wearing tanks can.

    If it could be backed up with hard numbers that would be different but sadly for our SPs it’s just not happening. Typically they don’t do quite as much damage as a mage (though they seem to have much better burst damage on trash than mages) and seem to do better than warlocks and Elemental Shamans.

    Blizzard have already made range much less important than it was in TBC by removing fixed close auras and isn’t that just as valid a solution to the issue as increasing the range?

  5. The reason I see this as a good thing is because 30 yards is the very common range for almost everything when talking range dps. Hunters, mages, warlocks, etc all work on a rough basis of 30 yards, and its a bit of defacto standard. Having some standards in the game is ok. Not everything needs to match, but conversely its frustrating to have to constantly adjust.

    I noticed this as a difference between my Priest and Warlock. Warlock could stay back with the healers and casters and cast away. The SPr needs to step forward, a lot.

    It is also a channeled spell, which means its not like you get 2.5 sec of stationary then a burst, it costs to cast and applies damage over the time of the affect. This is an advantage except that the mana cost is not channeled (last time I checked). Till you’ve mucked about with it I doubt you’d appreciate the subtlety of why its a pain.

    So examples of where its frustrating:
    – Any boss that needs to be regularly moved, as you have less time between your own adjustments. Heigan for example.
    – any mob that has a close burst affect. Like the DKs in Naxx. Or some of the guys who stun if you’re too close. Or a damn Blood Elf.

    I’m not asking to stand at 50 feet and ping magic missiles, just pointing out that there is a disparity.

    Also consider it is not a shattering change, so why the hell not ask for it? It seems that anytime somebody makes a suggestion folks start bitching. I like this change, it resonates with me. Not for you, then cool. Not like you’ve played a lot of range dps anyway. The Hunter does not count yet. But on your Hunter – think what happens if one third of your dps was at 20 yards and the rest was at 35 yards. Basically means you’d play at 20 yards out.

    Melee do have ways of surviving the damage of standing in close. Its from two things: a greater focus of attention from the Healers, and many of the healing spells bouncing between close targets. Both the Priest and Shaman have group heals that do that, and if you’re in no man’s land, then you’re too far to get the benefit, but close enough to be at serious risk.

    Are we now protecting the status quo for no other reason than its easier not to think about a change? If every raiding Shadow Priest is taking the talents to get MF at 30 yards, then just change it and adjust the tree. The idea of base-lining something that is expected to be present makes sense to me.

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