Strange name lists

Damn me I’ve had some trippy toon names; and so so many damn alts distracting me. The only positive I see is that next time I have to make up a name for a pen and paper roleplaying character I’ll have a nice list to choose form.

Try this list:

  • Taranthraxus – death knight on the PTR
  • Deadwrong x2 – both undead rogues
  • Xaurantis – pally blood elf, made to be hard to spell
  • Swearigin – warlock blood elf, as a tribute to teh TV show Deadwood
  • Augurer – undead mage
  • Darri x2 – undead bank toon
  • Renyr – no idea
  • Sorrowblade – paladin blood elf, emo name.
  • Arakai – human priest, should have been a night elf. Way too cool a name for a human.
  • Aurac x2 – both mages
  • Casserole – tauren druid
  • Darru – another bank mule
  • Diamon – Human Paladin
  • Endeavour – night elf druid, because the guild name was teh same, and he could have a name the same as the guild.
  • Erar – night elf rogue
  • Ignis – gnome mage, fire mage too.
  • Kurra – no idea
  • Rill – human warrior
  • Syru – blood elf death knight, because 4 letter names are hard to get.
  • Varc – draenei shaman, and a druid too
  • Arkham – human warlock, the Batman and/or HP Lovecraft reference.
  • Erosion – undead rogue, because he kills slowly at level 3.
  • Moonbringer – deleted, but a good RP name.
  • Mortigen – draenei DK
  • Nagarj – shaman
  • Quendalon – nelf druid
  • Roa – bank mule, bad because it gets ping’ed by my chat mod every time somebody talks about a Road.
  • Tsr – bank mule (bad name unless you’re an old school gamer)
  • Varganshi – unknown, but dont it just roll off the toungue.
  • Wilhelan – I hated this name the moment I made it
  • Yeira – draenei prest
  • Zugamoty – was a warlock, and a ref for the DnD players
  • Zym – love the 3 letter names
  • Mannaburn – shameful name
  • Silvertooth
  • Trickster
  • Unlock – more shameful than Mannaburn
  • Embersil
  • Lightdancer
  • Lighthammer
  • Sixthsense – undead rogue. Get it?
  • Raze – a personal favourite
  • Niveus – sounds like a hand cream

5 thoughts on “Strange name lists

  1. /edit with toon levels so we can see just how bad an altoholic you are.

    And here you are telling me you don’t want to roll another toon to level up with my hunter

  2. Oh I really want to, its just I have not done all I should on Mortigen, and have started Yeira. Adding another means canceling Friday work.

    Hmm, I wonder….nah.

  3. My most embarrassing WoW name was for a Night Elf Druid: Cymbrelei.

    Which is how I wanted to spell my real name when I was 16. It looked Elven at the time. But eventually I got so tired of being reminded how strange I was when I was 16 that I deleted her.

  4. @Rakarth – level breakdown would be:
    Toons at 80 is Mortigen of Nagrand,
    Toons 70-79 is approx 4 (warlock, priest, pally, druid all on Nagrand)
    Toons 50-69 is maybe 3
    Toons 30-49 is maybe 6 or 7
    Toons 10-29 is approx 12
    Toons less than 10 is all the rest… like a bower bird in a blue sock factory

  5. You can add my chars names to your list.

    Skidmarkpie – Undead rogue (main)
    Albinosheep – Tauren Druid
    Timelydeath – Orc Lock
    Frozencubez – Troll mage

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