Press Pause to Exist

I love translation mistakes, especially when they are obviously counter intuitive. Pause to Exist – must be a Zen thing.

Press pause to Exist was the message that my new dvd recorder gave me when setting the region control.

  • If the Pause button could really initiate life, then where am I now?
  • What happens when I un-pause? Does the universe stop? Wouldn’t that be play?

update: And if you’re wondering why the stramge post – its Monday here and I’ve already had 5 stupid or inane requests from clients, so this is my way of pushing back on the stupidity. Today’s fav so far for some design feedback:

It looks a bit funny..

Brilliant, I know just what to do. Hey deisgner guys, please make that look either a bit more, or a bit less funny…

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