Not tagged for screenshot 6 of 6 :(

Kind of sad that I didn’t get tagged for a 6 of 6 screenshot thing that is floating around the blogosphere. Then I suppose I’m not a regular in many of the blog circles, so honestly my offense is totally made up. The sad face is for dramatic affect.

I like the idea though, so here goes.

Nagarj the Shaman ding'ing while getting levels from Recruit a Friend

Nagarj the Shaman ding'ing while getting levels from Recruit a Friend

Thanks to Kittoug for the levels.


5 thoughts on “Not tagged for screenshot 6 of 6 :(

  1. Oh noes!!! I feel ashamed for not tagging you but on the other hand I didn’t tag anyone, leaving it volontary to join. (I can’t help feeling that memes are a little like chain letters and I’ve got principal problems with those).

    Anyway: don’t feel excluded! Your blog really brightens my days even though I don’t always comment as much as I should. You’re very very much appreciated.

  2. All good, my screenshot folder is almost devoid of content anyway, as I use the Cmd+Sht+4 command on the Mac, and snap the screen bits I want on demand. Recount e-peen, stupid tells, and all sorts of gaffes – they go straight to the desktop. It would be in my top 5 features of Mac that I’d miss if I went back to PC.

    And its a good kick in the pants to get back into the blogging community a bit, rather than sitting the lfg channel.

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  4. There were quite a few of us who didn’t tag anyone, even if we ourselves were tagged. I’m with Larísa on this one! Personally, I also didn’t want to pressure anyone to participate who didn’t want to — nor did I want to exclude anyone who did! So my “tag” was just an open-ended “do this … if you want.”

    You’ve been in my feedreader for a long time, even if this is my first official comment. 🙂

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