Dual Specs are L40+, 1000g, all wonderful

Forever a Noob dislikes the idea of dual specs mid raid. I like it. Go read the post and my rant-ish response if you’re interested in two divergent views of dual spec.

In short: If you don’t like the idea of dual spec, don’t use it. Likewise epic flying mount, badge gear, welfare epics, ans all the other topics that players like to gripe about. I like to think of World of Warcraft as a game that I enjoy, not a system of mechanical restrictions. Anything that makes the game more accessible is good, particularly as this has little negative impact on the players that choose not to use it.

eg. If your raid leader wants a Healer and you’re spec’ed for Priest DPS, then you can’t go. He can ask you to re-spec, but you can refuse. Your choice, and if you keep to a strict “not holy priest” choice then you’re still happy. You have not lost any options. The raid leader will go find another healer anyway. But if you can switch modes, then you get to do the run too.

Why is this bad? See also Blog Azeroth shared topic.


5 thoughts on “Dual Specs are L40+, 1000g, all wonderful

  1. I don’t think the game needed this.

    Blizzard just needs to fix PvP

    Your last point was just as true before Dual Spec via an old fashioned respec.

    Please note that this in no way alters any mechanical restrictions in wow. It removes a very minor (unless you are a tank and partake of Blizzards horrible broken excuse for PvP) gold sink.
    Note that unless you are a Scribe you won’t be able to change spec anywhere as you will have to visit the tome thing that you need for glyphs in a major city.

  2. And the issue is not just pvp builds for pve Tanks. Its is for any class who’s primary role is not compatible with another aspect of the game they wish to play. That might be pvp vs pve, it could be two pve builds, or two pvp builds. That might be my Priest as it levels and wants to pve solo, and instance heal. That might be my DK when we need a tank not an extra dps.

    Consider the group options alone!

    And there are comments about saying that this is again dumbing down the game. For fucks sake, its a game, not a god damn job. I friggin over the QQ from “old school” or “hardcore” players. Yes it was harder back-in-the-day. It cost more. It took more time. It was more frustrating. That does not mean its not a good idea to try.

    If you want a challenging game that is almost impossible: play tetris on a handheld with no hands, underwater, in blood, with sharks. With Enya music.

  3. I find it astonishing that players so vehemently oppose a convenience change.

    It’s like being opposed to the change that rivers will no longer dismount mounted players crossing them. “Omg it’s all e-z mode now, I had to swim when I levelled, Blizz u suk!!1111”

    I mean oppose the tuning of raids that they should be so easy, oppose the high aoe threat of tank that has made cc redundant, oppose tweaks to fights like Razuvious and Heigan that have made them less complicated than they were at 60.

    But opposing a change because having to cancel a raid when you have 30 online but only 4 healers is somehow hard more?

    It just beggars belief

    Dual spec will not help you if you struggle to move out of void zones. It will not buff your main spec if your current main spec is optmised (as it should be for raiding). It actually doesn’t make the game easier to play in any way except organisationally.

    And organising 25 people to turn up and be effective is a chore that should not be made artificially harder than it needs to be.

  4. @Stabs – Yeah, I find it odd too. Part of the diversity of culture I guess. Mixing the expectations of so many people will often result in a strange (often ugly) set of reactions. I can respect the opinion of folks who see this as a dumbing down, or changing of the game, also also happily disagree with them.

    @Brajana and Rakarth – the full gear set guys looked incredible. It was certainly a massive achievement. Do you think that gear is too easy to come across, or just has been given the incorrect colour in recent editions?

    They could mix it up in the next expansion and make the Greens ok to Good, Blues: good to Great, and only have a few Purple items that were really nice. Akin to if they made all the current Purple gear Blue except what is currently iLevel 213. Same gear, but the colour would denote the special quality of the items. I think that is what the iLevel is for, when combined with the gear set itself.

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