100g Bounty on Topper McNabb

wanted-poster_thumbI want everyone to kill Topper McNabb.

If you kill Topper McNabb on the Nagrand server, and can provide absolute proof you did it, I’ll give the first person 25 gold. I mean Screenshots and proof you are on Nagrand server.

If you can arrange with me to be online at the time you do it; and watching; its 100 gold.

I want to see that bastard suffer. Kills from before my offer do not count, and it has to be on Nagrand server.

We’ll arrange for you to post something on the AH, or transfer cross-faction to get the cash. And in actual fact if an Alience player finds a way to kill him the offer is open too. Anyone – kill him.

And if you do it, either send me the pics and I’ll poste them here, or link off to your website / blog / image cache.

Edit: I just had a thought about how I could do it….if this works …he’s dead.

2 thoughts on “100g Bounty on Topper McNabb

  1. I think they have covered all the loop holes. I thought about a quest or item that would make me hostile, but I think even DKs are unable to attack the guards when they have the fruit thrown at them.

    Topper is a “green” npc for Alliance, so I can’t use the Gnomish Poultryizer or some such too. I also tried creating a Horde Rogue, but you can only get about 35 yards between deaths once you get near Stormwind. So the 1000 or so yards to get near to Topper will take a long time. The corpse run is about 3.5 minutes each time.

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