Lets murder Topper McNabb

As a frequent AH farmer, I spent a lot of time in the Stormwind auction house. While there I get to experience the broad and often meaningless banter of the WoW community. You get that with an MMO, its generally OK.

toppermcnabbThere is one asshat that just won’t shut up, and can’t be put on ignore, killed, or even asked to shut up. Topper McNabb, or as I like to call him – that hamburger idiot.

My feature request to Blizzard is to be able to give Topper 1sp and he would actually shut up for 10 minutes. I’d be happy to pay this for the 30 or so minutes that I spend in the AH, just so that I can use the chat frame for CHAT. Not watching/listening to Topper McNabb’s verbal sewage.

Even better can I hire the Defias guys to “sort him out”. Getting him murdered would be good, actually seeing the hit would be pure gold. I think you could sell tickets to the event, so that the NPCs of WoW will kill him. And while they’re running around on a killing spree they can stop the kids too. Little mongrels should be locked up.

Heck if I could get a Horde on the Nagrand server to kill him I’d almost pay for that too. Is there a useless peon in Ogrimar or Undercity that whines like a bitch near tha AH too?

6 thoughts on “Lets murder Topper McNabb

  1. Not in Org there isn’t. There was something similar in Vengence Landing, but I don’t have to go there anymore.

    I like the flavour stuff, they just need to only do it every 15 minutes or something.

    Shame you can’t ignore him like annoying players.

    Gobble gobble.

  2. I support this murder. I’ve got a rouge alt that could assist. Good at sneaking up and attacking them from behind so they don’t suspect anything. She’ll do it perfectly, I know.

    I’m not sure but I don’t think IF is so full of annoying passing people. Not so many civilians around there, I guess.

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