What was the Ice Stone ?

So what is the Ice Stone, where is it, and why do we care that the world is yelling that it has melted?

My take is that this is part of the Uldaur opening. The Ice Stone “is” the barrier stone which sealed Ulduar, and how that it has melted, the creatures trapped within are free to exit and seek revenge. Likewise we valiant heroes can enter and bring judgment, pain, and garner a few trophies.

I wonder if Ulduar will have an attunement?

I know that it could be Ahune again, or another special Love boss (melt somebodies frozen heart). But somehow this has the feel of a world event like the Headless Horseman, or the Invasion.

Update: Aparently patched so that it is no longer announced. Well pfft. I would still like to know what it was.

The Ice Stone is frozen again!

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