Upcoming patches – 3.0.9 and 3.1

I’m not fussed by anything I’ve read about so far in Some quick thoughts.

  • Paladin seals last 30 minutes, as to does Priest Inner Fire. Nice. Recasting Inner Fire every 10 minutes is a total pain in the arse.
  • Re-colouring of the void zones in OS well thats a nice to have, but not huge.
  • and many more, particularly if you play a Mage, Hunter, Paladin or Rogue. I don’t, so not overly fussed.
  • They already hotfixed the boat bug where a DK could pull a foe around the world using Death Grip. I read about it, but never tried it.
  • I read that Hunters are getting rid of ammo at some stage (3.0.9 or later). Thats a shot in the arm for Hunters, a shot in the head for Engineers, and a good reason for Warlocks to put up their Shard laden hands and say “us too please”.

Its patch 3.1 that has me all a quiver. There are changes to all classes, and most of them are important enough to read through in detail.

  • The Ulduar raid. I hope we’re ready.
  • Its suggested that we’ll see dual spec. If so, woot! If not I’m happy to keep waitig till they get it right. Latest story seems to say you change spec in a town, then go hunting, pvp, raiding. Very cool.
  • Class changes up the wazoo. So much that its hard to absorb them all.
  • A change to mana regen across the board, then a buff to some classes in spirit and mana regen talents. My suss is that healing classes who can stack HoTs are the real target here, as they can cast many affects quickly, then start a regen period. Not sure if it will also have a negative affect on DoTs either, but then I was never not casting when I was a Warlock. Casters are meant to run out of mana, so this change might return a degree of challenge to mana for those who were never running out. Personally I was already running out so hope that it has no negative affect.
  • Death Knights have a change in the Unholy tree for Gargoyle and Unholy Blight. Pestilence to not do damage, but only spread the diseases, and a reduction to the affect of Unbreakable Armor. They are also looking at Glacial Rot, Sudden Doom, and Endless Winter. I don’t like the removal of damage from Pestilence, and it means that getting to Aoe will be that much slower, giving me less aoe generally. I’ll just stick to Howling Blast then.
  • The updates for the rest of Death Knight are supposedly aimed at “blood and frost dps” and “frost tanks” to quote the WoW Insider. Time will tell.

Its so unreal at the moment and I’m not banking on any of it. Also timing wise I can’t see 3.1 hitting for at least a few weeks. The adjustment in 3.0.9 seems small, and hopefully that means they’ll take time to watch it being stable for a few weeks. I know raiders are frothing at the mouth for new content; but releasing Ulduar early with all the class changes will create whine churn.

Unless perhaps its just better to put a stack of sweeping changes all in one patch. Like removing a bandaid, get it done in one hit. I’d prefer we wait.

Rumour of the week: Bigger Backpack

A larger base backpack. Joy. What in hell are they going to make us do to get this, considering that the 22 slot bag is an OS drop. Will Haris Pilton be involved? And how big will the upgrade be?

If its from 16-18 there will be a riot, but then if they make it 28 slots or some such, then is this too large? Or do they make it 20 slot to keep the feel of the 22 slot ones are really valuable, and then add more “currency” tracking. Quests, food, and potions is where a lot of my bag space goes.

Give us tracking of quest drops for Rep, special coolers to store our food (Eski of Frozen Storage, 30 slot box), and all the coins, marks, and tokens not taking up bag space – just like the currency tab now. A suggestion in the WoW Insider post has the backpack scale with level – I like that (don’t ask what an eski is…). Please don’t make it linked to an achievement.

So what is missing here?

On the surface nothing. However with new content should bring new items and new opportunities. So I say with patch 3.1 we should be seeing daily quests for other professions, and some more patterns available for those professions. Akin to Jewelcrafting, Cooking, etc. Let the other professions slave daily to get some interesting and useful patterns. Not being able to get Kirin Tor rep from an extra daily sucks too.